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the seven chakra personality types

The Seven Chakra Personality Types presents a system for understanding your type based on the wisdom of the chakras. We possess all seven chakra energies, though each of us has one chakra that is more dominant than the others as well as a second and third chakra that influence the way we experience life and define our strength and weaknesses. The unique combination of one major chakra, one secondary chakra, and one supporting chakra formms the chakra personality type.

1st Chakra Type – The Builders – lovers of details, foundations and structures

2nd Chakra Type – The Artists – lovers of life, experience and feeling

3rd Chakra Type – The Achievers – energetic pursuers of ambitions and heights

4th Chakra Type – The Caretakers – emotionalists who wish to help

5th Chakra Type – The Speakers –  charismatic leaders  and guides

6th Chakra Type – The Thinkers – keen observers and idea-makers 

7th Chakra Type – The Yogis – silent and reclusive meditators

This comprehensive guide will help you appreciate your own unique personality, and reveal why you have certain tendencies and why you´re attracted to specific things. You can use this information to help make the right decisions in your career, lifestyle, and relationships and to fulfill your greatest potential in life.

“Life guidance as to ‘why we are who we are’. Shai has made a great contribution to the vibrant living library of evolving human consciousness in a most integrated, readable and admirable way. His insights encourage the reader to understand the deep connections between Chakras, mind, body and spirit. A must read.” Patricia Mercier, author of bestselling The Chakra Bible and The Little Book of Chakras

“A magnificent way to understand yourself as a spiritual being having a physical experience. Highly recommended!” C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., author of Living Bliss: Major Discoveries Along the Holistic Path

“In an era in which we frequently limit our perspective of ourselves to a body, mind, or soul, this book is a wonderful invitation to experience yourself as an inspiring integration of all three.” Dr. Itai Ivtzan, Associate Professor, Naropa University and Mindfulness teacher and researcher

“A new perspective of the chakras representing archetypal personalities. This integrative approach identifies and illuminates spiritual, mental and emotional patterns that give clarity toward soul essence and personal path.” Francesca McCartney, PhD, Academy of Intuition Medicine®

Table of content

FIRST INSIGHT Mind looks into mind 17
PRACTICE Mind like space 37
SECOND INSIGHT Thoughts are clouds in your mind’s sky 41
PRACTICE Does the mind have any color? 59
THIRD INSIGHT The yogi sits relaxed 63
PRACTICE Do thoughts have any color? 83
FOURTH INSIGHT Free from all desire 87
PRACTICE Where is the self? 105
FIFTH INSIGHT No path to travel 111
PRACTICE Where is the other’s self? 133
SIXTH INSIGHT The king of views 137
PRACTICE Non-meditation 151
SEVENTH INSIGHT At last, all rivers meet the sea 155
PRACTICE I Inner Fire 165
PRACTICE II Clear Light Meditation 211
List of sources 233
About the Author 235
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