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The Enlightenment of the Human Heart

What is the meaning of life? Why do humans exist? Do human beings play a significant role in the universe?

When we turn to the great mystics—such as Plato, the ancient Hindu sages, or the Buddha—in the hope of finding a transcendent answer, we realize that these crucial questions are the missing link in all of the traditions of mystical enlightenment.

In this philosophical and mystical series of nine dialogues, Shai Tubali and Tamar Brosh endeavor to investigate this missing link. Drawing on a rich variety of ancient Buddhist, Hindu, and Greek perspectives, as well as existentialism and the writings of Albert Camus, humanistic and positive psychology, and even cinema, they formulate a new definition of human existence and purpose. They demonstrate the unmatched beauty and value of the human phenomenon, even in moments of struggle, and show how recognizing this can lead to the previously unknown experience of the enlightenment of the human heart.

Shai Tubali is an international author and philosopher who has researched ancient Greek and Indian philosophies and Albert Camus’ absurd. Tamar Brosh is a practitioner of positive psychology and spiritual therapy, whose master’s dissertation centered on the subject of the meaning of life.


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