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The Ultimate Chakra Practice to Center Your Life

This innovative book presents an easy-to-use, step-by-step chakra method that helps you integrate energy work into your daily lifestyle. Assigning one chakra to each day of the week, 7 Day Chakras makes it simple to focus your intentions, awaken your energy centers, and reach your goals.

Join Shai Tubali on a rich, multicolored journey into the wisdom of the chakras. He shares meditations, affirmations, exercises, journal prompts, and visualizations, all of them specially designed to help you fully awaken your body and mind. Explore the chakras individually as well as how they work together. Discover what your chakra personality type is and what practices empower your days. This enlightening book teaches how to heal yourself and pay better attention to neglected areas every week, guiding you to a sacred and fulfilling life.

Table of content

Chapter 1: Exploring the Chakras and the Week 21

Chapter 2: Chakras and Human Need 37

Chapter 3: Chakra Personality Types and
the Seven-Day Cycle 53

Chapter 4: Monday: Engaging the Root Chakra
on the Day of Grounding 93

Chapter 5: Tuesday: Engaging the Sacral Chakra
on the Day of Joy 109

Chapter 6: Wednesday: Engaging the Solar Plexus
Chakra on the Day of Power 125

Chapter 7: Thursday: Engaging the Heart Chakra
on the Day of Love 143

Chapter 8: Friday: Engaging the Throat Chakra
on the Day of Expression 161

Chapter 9: Saturday: Engaging the Third Eye Chakra
on the Day of Wisdom 179

Chapter 10: Sunday: Engaging the Crown Chakra

Experience Guided Meditations from the Book

Smiling into Your Chakras Meditation

Chakra Flowering Meditation

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