True Self-Acceptance.


Resources und Information for the Challenge

What happens when you look at yourself from your Heart.

Heartfelt welcome! 🙂

In the next three weeks  will dive deep into the miracle of true Self-Acceptance and connect us in a new way with our hearts.

In this journey will benefit a lot from the years of experience Shai Tubali has. Shai has guided thousands of people through seminars, lectures, courses, schools and retreats in Europe, Israel, and India in the last 17 years. He is also the author of 21 books in the fields of philosophy, psychology, and of course spiritual transformation and self-development methods.

In the next  21 days (starting the 8th of October) you will get short lectures, guided meditations and emails. The journey is designed in a way that it helps you to connect with your core and let your heart flower.

Important: The Challenge is entirely free of charge!

There is no catch. 🙂

Why do we offer this?

We really wish to help you. And we want to give this is a present because we strongly believe that this is what our world needs most urgently!

Of course we have lots of more to offer than this challenge. And if you wish to dive deeper, after experiencing the transformative potential of this teachings, we might invite you after the challenge to continue this journey together.

But now it’s about the 21-day Challenge. True Self-Acceptance. We are very excited as we already now how beautiful and transformative it can become. 🙂

Before it starts we prepared some ressources for you. So please watch the video and download your ebook “Unlock 7 Secret powers of the Heart” and the pdf where we explain the point system and the raffle.

With Love

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