The 28 essential qualities

Within yourself, dormant in your chakra system, there is a wide reservoir of “masculine” and “feminine” qualities that when combined together can create within you a balanced inner state and ability for action in the world.

Developing these qualities is a necessary step in any true self-development process you go through. Chakra qualities can be joyfully awakened and then consistently practiced until they become your natural and spontaneous quality and life skill.

Patience -Humor- Order- Compassion or Courage are not just noble human virtues!
According to the Yogic tradition, those are tendencies (“Vrittis”) that your chakra system holds within it for you to awaken and bring into life.

When awakened, each such quality can help balance all your other tendencies and qualities and equip you with a far greater capacity to respond and act in life. Each quality can also balance masculine/feminine excesses and deficiencies within the Chakra.

Our evening events about the chakra qualities take place twice a month on wednesdays. Shai Tubali, a teacher who has been initiated and trained in the tradition  of Siddha-Yoga, is a true and rare chakra master. Under his guidance you can learn to activate the qualities of every chakra – not just during one evening, but any time, at home and in your life.

The evening is in English with written live German translation
The evening is also available on-line and as a video course
All participants will receive a special newsletter with further recommendations for practice

Price: The evening fee is 15 € // two friends pay only 25 € instead of 30 €. // paying for 7 evenings in advance grants you a discount: you pay only 70 €

Where: Chiro Yoga, Drakestraße 42, 12205 Berlin – Lichterfelde, right next to S-Bahn station Lichterfelde West, enter the center via Knesebeckstraße


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5. July – desireless
19. July – impartial
2. August – unworldly