The seven colors of life

What would it change for you to be able to deeply understand, embrace and integrate the seven layers of your being into your everyday life?

Our being has different layers of needs and perception. In yogic tradition, they were called Chakras. Being unable to understand and integrate our essential needs leads to inner contradictions, conflicts and the suppression of certain aspects of our human nature.

We are a symphony of seven kinds of experiences, seven kinds of meaning and seven kinds of happiness

As we learn to integrate all levels of human consciousness into our lives, not only do we feel that we are mastering human life – we also experience a sense of completeness, of fulfillment.

Being able to walk through life without the need to suppress certain aspects of our being is THE key of our flowering – as we are meant to.

But what exactly are the seven human levels of perception? How can we bring them into our experience, integrate them and make them blossom?

This is what the next lesson is about.

But right now we would love to know:

What would it change in your life to deeply understand the seven facettes of your being and to be able to integrate them in your daily life? What would it do to your inner freedom, strength and clarity? How would it change all kinds of realationships  in your life and especially the relationship to life?

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