Ananda – The Bliss Dance

“Ananda Dance” is a dynamic meditation with dance, movement and silence. In a fun and easy way you can connect to your powerful, energetic inner being, and allow your body and mind to let this inner experience be expressed.

The method is based on the Yogic knowledge of the subtle human body and the great potential of the life-force, or Kundalini – which is said to be only minimally active in most people.

Ananda dance awakens the tremendous life-force potential at the base of our spine. If one awakens this life-force, it rises and fills one’s body and mind with unusual capacities of well-being, energy, intelligence and awareness. In its awakening, this life-force called “Kundalini” also brings all seven Chakras to optimal functioning, making them release their dormant potentials.

“Ananda Dance” awakens this unused life-force at the base of the spine and then, by dancing it out, makes it spread all over one’s body and mind in the form of bliss and energy.

This life-force called also brings all seven Chakras to optimal functioning, making them release their dormant potentials.

The problem is that too often people have powerful internal experiences, which remain “stuck” with-in their inner world. With the “Ananda Dance” they can both activate their powerful inner core and channel it through their body and physical movement outside themselves.

In this technique there is no „right“ way to dance or to meditate. You can encounter your body and yourself in a new way and observe where your energy naturally flows to (sometimes the body intuitively releases blockages and tension, sometimes it is unrestrained and ecstatic, sometimes soft and silent).

You experience the whole journey with closed eyes so that you can fully enter your inner experience and be intimate with your body and yourself.

This dance meditation consists of five stages:

  1. Awakening to life the innate power of Kundalini through the White Light Expansion, with the aid of visualization and breathing.
  1. Using a special “Kriya” (Yogic movement) to let this power spiral along the body upward.
  1. Dancing out this inner core with a special “Kundalini” music.
  1. A “Mudra” (Body gesture that uses the power of the hands) to allow this awakened energy to flow into the body.
  1. Entering “Shavasana” (the Yogic “Corpse pose”) to allow final adjustment of the energy.

You: Don’t need any prior knowledge, neither from meditation or dance.

We: Create together a free and silent space. Through the closed eyes nobody needs to feel observed and we can be fully with „our selves“ and allow a free expression.

We recommend you to bring comfortable and flexible clothes.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

„Ananda – The Bliss Dance“ is a method developed by Shai Tubali and Philipp Ritzler. The aim of the technique is to create a connection between deep states of meditation and free physical expression. This happens through the awakening of our subtle body which influences our physically body and our state of consciousness directly.

Price: 10 €

Dates: Every Thursday, starting from March 16th, 2017, 18:00 – 19:00