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Basic Heart Activation

By May 11, 2018 5 Comments


  • Simone Heide says:

    Thank you so much , it comes to the right times !!! Thank you for all loving support for us !!!!

  • Antje says:

    Indeed! With a regular practice of this meditation, I started carefully to get in touch with my heart. – And now, with the deepest gratitude, I experience that my heart will flourish and live out its kingdom.

    • Shai Tubali says:

      Dear Antje, This makes me the happiest to read – knowing that you’re able to contact your heart in this way, with such trust!

  • Listening this wonderful essential message, seeing the purety and goodness in your eyes, feeling that all is good now
    … I’m really touched at the core of my heart … tears
    … the recognizing that all goodness of the Universe is HERE, in the Heart !
    With this love of my own heart, the immature child-heart dares to show it also:
    “I must fight to be loved, if not, I cannot survive on this earth” .
    So, with so much joy I will do this meditation regularly,
    and thank you so deeply, heartily, for all what you do for us!

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