Books and Awards

Books in Hebrew

  1. Body Language – A compilation of short stories [Keter, Israel, 1996]
  2. Good Morning World – An anthology of great spiritual teaches from the 20th century [Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel, 2003]
  3. Seeds of New Creation – Spiritual guidance [Alaya, Israel, 2004]
  4. Opening to Infinity – Spiritual guidance [Alaya, Israel, 2004]
  5. The Book of Mystery – Spiritual guidance [Alaya,Israel, 2006]
  6. The Gospel of Thomas – An interpretation of The Gospel [Alaya, Israel, 2009]
  7. Catchers of Infinities – poems [Gvanim, Israel, 2009]
  8. New Sun – A novel on the emergence of a young French Buddha [Hakibbutz Hameuchad, Israel, 2010]
  9. Gracious Parenting – A practical guide to conscious parenting [Prague, Israel, 2011]
  10. The Secret of Socrates – A semi-biographical novel on Socrates [Alaya, Israel, 2011]
  11. Art and Spirit – A treatise on Thomas Mann’s “Death in Venice” [Hakibbutz Hameuchad, Israel, 2011]
  12. The Army of Gods – A semi-biographical novel on the “Sacred Band of Thebes” [Hakibbutz Hameuchad, Israel, 2012]

Books in English and German

  1. The Seven Wisdoms of Life [MSI Press, United States, 2013]/ Chakren: Die sieben Energiekörper der Seele [Neue Erde, Germany, 2014] – on Chakra Psychology (
  2. A Guide to Bliss [MSI Press, United States, 2015]/ White Light: Reise zur Glückseligkeit [J Kamphausen, Germany, 2013] / [Also published in Hebrew, 2012] – An introduction the the “Expansion Method”
  3. The Missing Revolution [Crusader ebooks, 2013] / Die spirituelle Revolution: Warum der Westen ein neues Selbstbewusstsein braucht [Amra, Germany, 2015] – A critical reflection on the post-modern spiritual world
  4. Unlocking the 7 Secret Powers of the Hearth [Inner Traditions, 2018] – A guide to heart opening (publisher website) / Die sieben Herzgeheimnisse: Leben in Vertrauen und Liebe
  5. The Seven Chakra Personality Types [Red Wheel/Conari, September 2018] – An introduction to the system of the chakra personality types / Entdecke deine Chakra-Persönlichkeit: Finde heraus, wer du wirklich bist und entfalte dein wahres Potenzial

Books in English

  1. Indestructible You [John Hunt Publishing, 2015] – The practice book of Power Psychology
  2. The Journey to Inner Power [John Hunt Publishing, 2015] – The theory book of Power Psychology
  3. The Realm of Seven Masters [Seven Wisdoms, 2017] – A spiritual allegory
  4. The Mystical Enlightenment of Friedrich Nietzsche [Theophania, 2013]/ [Also published in Hebrew, 2012] – A treatise on Nietzsche’s philosophy

Books in German

  1. Denken Wie Einstein [Co-authored with Theresa Bauerlein, Hoffmann und Kampe, 2015] / Also published in Korean and Chinese – A research of the genius mind through the stories of 10 great thinkers (publisher website)
  2. Lebensfreude: Das zweite Chakra zum Leben erwecken [Neue Erde, 2017] – A guide to the world of the second chakra



Good Morning World, Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel, 2003

Chakren: Die sieben Energiekorper der Seele, Neue Erde, Germany 2014


Book Awards

1996Body Language (Keter), won “Best Book of the Year” of the ministry of culture

2013The Seven Wisdoms of Life (MSI Press), nominated Book of the Year Award Finalist

2015The Seven Wisdoms of Life (MSI Press), nominated USA Best Books Award Finalist