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I am very inspired by the presence of Shai and by his way of being. The love, clarity and the resting within oneself in a relaxed way. It is felt that Shai himself lives with an open heart.
Through him I learned that also experiences of pain are essential and that through them the heart can open up even more.
Thank you for your precious work.


Shai’s teaching is profound and transformative in a way I have never experienced before. It is easy to recognize in every teaching that he is talking from his own insight and truth. What impresses me especially is his enormous flexibility. He would never answer a question with an old concept, instead he reflects in every moment what now is needed and shares an answer that is individually designed for the one who is asking. Ever since I have participated in his seminars my spiritual journey has become profund and is deeply flowering. I thank you from my heart <3

Carlos S.

I found Shai's teachings tremendously powerful and insightful intellectually, yet simultaneously they effected me spiritually, energetically, emotionally with integrated meditations that make the experience 'real', 'known'. He teaches with heart and a pureness of intuition and intent that I have found wonderfully transformative.

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