What is the deepest meaning of humbleness?

How to meet life through humbleness in a completely new way

“Humbleness is nothing special: it simply means that no matter how great you are, you’re still a tiny-brained ant climbing one leaf which is loosely held within the endless and eternal space of creation’s mystery.”
-Shai Tubali

Humbleness Humility is the third, essential quality of our heart chakra.

To deepen our understanding we will send you a free guided meditation about cultivating humbleness in a few days.

Slowly we start to build a nice foundation. And soon there will be an invitation to strengthen our transformative experience and also to let the further potentials of the heart flourish.

But for now we have one question to you. You can answer it in the comments section below. And of course you can comment anything else which is in your heart. ????

How do you perceive your own life when you look at it with eyes of humbleness? What do you feel in your heart?