Silence Retreat with Shai Tubali

11. – 18. August 2020 – Seinz Wisdom-Resort, South-Germany

Come to build in you the fire of transformation


“Inner fire is like shooting a rocket along a completely straight path. It deals only with what is essential. It is the most powerful way to achieve blissful, indestructible samadhi.”

– Lama Yeshe


The inner call to find what we feel is missing from our lives sends us on a journey of spiritual transformation–a search for something beyond our day-to-day experiences, for something that reveals a gateway to our own deepest selves as true lovers of life, spirit, and truth.

The subtle body and Kundalinig awakening

On this journey we may encounter various traditions, practices and meditations and get many glimpses into a state of unity or into experiences of bliss. But not many are familiar with the complex anatomy of the energetic body, or with the ways of working with the chakras and the Kundalini in order to build the capacity and profound insight into the consciousness state of enlightenment.

On this silent summer retreat, you are invited to learn everything you need to know about the subtle body and Kundalini awakening, all taught by one of Europe’s greatest specialists for the energetic body. We create for you the conditions, the practices, the talks and the meditations to gradually awaken in you the inner fire that can burn, purify and transform you from within.

The Inner Fire Meditation, originating in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, lies at the heart of this unique silent retreat.

It is the most powerful and transformative practice and we will dedicate this week to the profound teaching and guidance that will clarify the meaning of this ancient practice and help you reach its deepest potential.

This summer retreat can be a complete breakthrough for you, a revolution that will transform you and set a new horizon for your spiritual quest.

About the Tummo meditation

Tummo meditation, or “Meditation of the Inner Fire”, is a Tibetan Buddhist technique, which very efficiently collects the Kundalini energy in the area of ​​the navel and shoots it up through the central channel. On its way, it releases blockages in our chakras, the energy centers, and heals physical and emotional blockages.

In fact, Tummo is one of the most researched meditations and has been shown to be very useful for increasing self-esteem, self-confidence and general well-being.

The term “Inner Fire” comes from the fact that during meditation an intense heat is built up in our navel area. This inner fire, when it reaches the upper part of our head, becomes an immediate source of happiness, freedom from the world, bliss and light.

This meditation has become particularly popular because it enables monks to endure snow and cold temperatures, while consciously controlling their body temperature.

However, this is not our interest in this retreat. Instead, we will focus on the transformative depth that lies in its ability to show us who we really are and what reality really is.

This meditation was declared by the spiritual teacher, author and philosopher Shai Tubali as the one meditation that he would take with him to an isolated island, or In other words, the ultimate meditation for the spiritual seeker that is interested in enlightenment.

This intense meditation has different levels, subtle layers and it will be taught thoroughly throughout the retreat week, together with supportive meditations from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and more.

The seminar includes

  • 4 inspiring talks about the subtle mechanism of enlightenment and Kundalini
  • Intense practice of Tummo
  • Chariot – guided meditation
  • Layer on layer- pranayama visualization
  • Tibetan atmosphere
  • special food (additionally bookable)

About Shai Tubali

Shai Tubali has been an internationally-renowned speaker, author, and spiritual teacher since 2000. He has dedicated his life to helping others understand and realize themselves on all levels of existence. He skillfully combines psychology, philosophy, yogic traditions and Eastern thought and practices into powerful processes of inner transformation.

A trained yogi with 20 years of study in the field of Eastern thought and yogic traditions, Shai Tubali has become one of Europe’s experts in the field of subtle bodies and, more specifically, the ancient chakra system.

He has now established the new international Human Greatness Center: a model of a holistic way of life in light of the chakras, which also introduces the many therapeutic and meditative methods he has developed. His dream is to turn this knowledge of integral life into alternative models of the school system.

Cost & Registration:

Language: English with simultaneous translation to german

Date: 25. and 26. of April

Time: 10:30 – 18:30 Uhr

Where: Online


  • 180 €
  • 140 € for school of meditation participantants, students and people with ALG2

More Information and registration

Noga Müller, Tel. +49 173 184 55 59,


To pay by bank transfer, please use this information:

Shay Tubaly

BIC: PBNKDEFF | IBAN: DE70 1001 0010 0076 3691 38

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