The Seven Keys To True Emotional Development

Discover the seven essential keys you need to know for a true development of your emotional system and a holistic model to finally breakthrough in your evolution.

What will you learn inside?

  • The 7 essential keys needed to true emotional development based on years of clinial experience with clients all over the world and Shai Tubali’s teachings and methods.
  • How to apply these keys and what to do when you identify emotional blockages and negative memories, how you can transform and stabilize your emotional body, allowing you to rewrite your patterns and habits.
  • Why the emotional system is the core of any process of inner transformation and how when applied correctly these teachings will transform every aspect of your life. If you have stable and balanced emotional system, you will create a happy and abundant life.
  • A holistic model of emotional transformation based on Shai Tubali’s most powerful methods

From Tamar Brosh

Through working with hundreds of clients from all over the world in processes of trauma release, empowerment and inner transformation, I’ve found that the true thing that defines the integration and the depth of the transformation is the daily emotional experience.

Maturing the emotional body is not an easy task. I studied many years with Shai Tubali, my mentor, spiritual teacher and source of inspiration, under his guidance and wonderful methods, I fully matured and transformed the emotional body and reached a state of pure balance and bliss. In the last 11 years I had the privilege to help others in their journey towards emotional maturity.


“For me, the expansion technique is one of the greatest and simplest tools of dealing with trauma, unpleasant and limiting feelings and emotions, sensations of meaninglessness and many others. I feel a deep, deep humbleness towards this technique and the power of the Expansion as it enables each of us humans to free ourselves from whatever is limiting us and directs us to become the best and strongest version of our innermost being on all levels – physically, mentally and spiritually.”

Dr. Hanna K., Yoga Teacher, Austria

“We worked on my will-power and got to empower my presence in life the experience of inner silence. The process with Tamar was amazing and a very significant part of my developmental path and of being who I am today.

Tamar is a wonderful therapist, full of wisdom, love, sensitivity and a deep knowing of the human psyche and consciousness. I warmly recommend her sessions and courses.”

Sufi Haim, holistic therapist and events producer