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“Last Sommer I experienced already a Silent Retreat with Shai Tubali. It is a wonderful intimate journey to oneSelf.
Bathing in Shai’s pure Energy, we are cleansing and purifying ourselves – like in a bath of Light.

Especially his powerful Life-Force-Meditations let us experience the Unity we are – since I am sure that there are no real boundaries between us – that we are all this flowing Life-Energy.

Really, that gives such happiness!

In the time between the meetings with Shai, we can walk in beautiful landscapes, Yoga-exercises are proposed and Dynamic Meditation.

So, I’m really grateful that I can participate in his Retreats in 2018, 2019 and now 2020, thank you to organize such beautiful events! ”

Dr. Bettina Preney, France

“A summer retreat with the enlightened Kundalini Master Shai Tubali is an extraordinary opportunity to merge into the essence of deep silence. To be in silence is more than calming down from the stress of our high demanding and overactive postmodern society. Beyond the psycho-somatic regeneration the subtle energetic systems are stimulated, which leads to unblocking energy blockages and enables it’s free flow from in- and outside to the body-mind-complex.
Satsang, guided meditations, body work, chiro practice, creative writing, music, dance and walks in nature etc. support this process. The summer retreat prepares every participant to a possible spiritual awakening, which has happened to me several times during the retreats. Spiritual awakening is often expressed though strong, even overwhelming feelings of love, compassion, devotion, serenity, bliss, freedom and oneness. One peak experience was merging with the abyss of divinity where oneness can be felt as an orgiastic ecstasy. For me the retreats with Shai Tubali are life changing. Life has gained a new meaning and the sense for beauty has been sharpened. A non-reversible and ongoing process of development and integration has been initiated. I just can express my gratitude and recommend to every interested person to try this wonderfully life changing opportunity.”

Konstantinos S.