Beyond Self: What you will find when you go within

Mahamudra – The final realisation

Like the state of space, the mind transcends thought. Set it at ease in its own nature, without rejecting it or maintaining it. When the mind is without objective content, it is Mahamudra. Through familiarisation with that, supreme enlightenment is achieved.”

– Tilopa

Is there a direct path to the state of enlightenment?

Can we be awakened using ancient teachings and profound tantric meditations, a thousand years after they have been developed?

What can happen when supreme bliss unites with eternal emptiness?

Shai Tubali, a philosopher, author, and spiritual teacher invites you on a journey that is beyond time and space, guiding you to learn, experience, and merge with the remarkable teachings of Tilopa.

In this powerful silence retreat, Shai will focus on what he considers the most intense and direct path for spiritual enlightenment: the principle and the experience of the Mahamudra, the state and the meditation that leads to it.

“After a meditation I had the gift to sink deep into the intimacy of my true essence, losing all boundaries and merging with a happiness which was so unconditional and nourishing that no words can describe it.
This Universe is unbelievable and full of miracles – and so is this retreat! Thank you with all of my heart for all the Love!”

Franziska Schneider Yoga Teacher, Coach

“The meditation retreats with Shai Tubali had been one of the greatest engines of true spiritual transformation for me, combining profound spiritual wisdom, with crystal clear guidance, imbued with depth and inspiration. Shai is a true master of spirit, and the atmosphere in the retreats is highly supportive and well thought through- it is evident that every little detail is taken into consideration, in order to create a highly transformative and empowering spiritual field. It is a haven for true seekers of truth and transformation.

Dr. Nir Brosh M.D.