Power Psychology

The experience of life can be graceful, tender, sweet and filled with beauty. At the same time, it can often turn aggressive, demanding, stressful and frightening.

The Expansion Method

The consciousness of the universe is our consciousness, only without the boundaries we have created within it: limits of subject and object, concepts and definitions, identity, attraction, repulsion, time, space and memory.

Alchemy of Memories

One of the most significant elements we can find within our psyche is the accumulation of difficult and bitter memories – negative imprints left from one’s encounters with life and the world.

Chakra Psychology

Chakras should, long ago, have been studied and examined as a scientific system with the same attention that many other observable layers of the human body and mind have received. It is quite unclear how it is possible that a physiological system, which so many millions of people throughout history have reported about and which is perceived as an obvious direct experience of numerous people, has remained confined within the boundaries of the esoteric.

The 7 Chakra Personality Types

From the seven Chakras, or centers, and the system of seven dimensions there emerges a social picture of seven major personality types. Each such personality possesses a completely different perspective of the world and the meaning of life, happiness, values and human fulfillment. Each seems to pull life in an altogether different direction, one in which not only is life experienced in a unique manner but it also appears to hold a very distinct potential.

The New Brain

What is the next evolutionary step of the human brain? Is there at all such a new step or has the brain reached its final maturation, the pinnacle of its evolution? Is it possible that a brain of a completely different activity would emerge on this planet, transcending the known Homo Sapiens’ brain?