Welcome to D.M.T – Darkness Meditative Therapy – Our new room for you in Lichterfelde West Berlin.

Darkness Meditative Therapy is based on the principle that complete darkness holds deep and powerful secrets of healing and spiritual elevation. Deriving from both brain research and traditional uses of darkness, we have created a dark room that offers you a profound experience of healing, rejuvenation and meditation. It is like a Himalayan cave in the midst of Berlin!

In our dark room, which is designed like a monk’s cave, you can enter the world of silence and darkness for various time periods and utilize a range of supportive programmes, including meditative music and guided meditations, to enhance your experience. Or you can choose to enter the room programme-free and simply enjoy delving into darkness.

You are invited to bring healing darkness into your life and get to know its gifts for your body, mind and spirit – from physical and neurological benefits to energetic and spiritual ones. You are most welcome to test for yourself the empowering experience of our dark room now!

Open for use from March 27th.

Our Special Offers and Programmes:

For the next 90 days a special price for you

  • One-hour D.M.T session – only €25
  • One-hour D.M.T session including a healthy, organic vegan smoothie – only €35
  • One-hour D.M.T session with a friend – enjoy the session with someone special for only €50

Meditation Programmes:

D.M.T session includes listening to a guided meditation in English or German

1. Relaxing into the Silence

For those craving basic relaxation or physical healing. Beginner level introduction to darkness.

Length: 15 min meditation plus 45 min darkness session

2. Disappearing into the Silence

For those who want to explore a more advanced spiritual process.

An intense practice recommended for experienced meditators.

3. The Mountain Meditation

For those seeking to reach a profound meditative state that combines physical stillness and darkness.

Length: 40 min meditation plus 20 min darkness session

4. The Gap Meditation

For those who wish to connect with the emptiness inside as well as outside and reach a deeper level of inner silence.

Length: 40 min meditation plus 20 min darkness session

5. Music Meditations

D.M.T session that includes Osho’s dynamic music meditations (Osho nataraj meditation/Osho nadabrahma meditation)

For those interested in meditative movement, rejuvenation and ecstatic dancing in the dark.

Length: a combination of silence and music during 60 min darkness session

6. “Spiritual Spa” Offer:

A special combination of a D.M.T session, Chiropractic session, and Expansion meditation private session, including organic superfood smoothie (3.5 hours of bliss, nourishment and support for the nervous system, body and mind).


15 min Chiropractic + 40 min guided Expansion meditation + One-hour D.M.T session with rest and nourishing refreshment

Price: €120

Using Darkness Meditation Therapy may aid in:


  • Soothing eye tension
  • Third eye (6th chakra) balancer and opener
  • Conditions of exhaustion and burnout
  • Sleep disorders
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Migraine and tension headaches
  • Nervous system relaxation and nourishment
  • Cognitive rejuvenation
  • Profound states of meditation and spiritual transformation
  • Emotional balance and stabilizing mood
  • Stress relief and tension reduction
  • Boosting immune system and supporting recovery processes

Learn more about the transformative power of darkness.

download free booklet as pdf


The D.M.T room is located on the first floor of our building at Drakestraße 42, 12205 Berlin.

Getting here:

By train: S1 – stop Lichterfelde West

From the Lichterfelde-West S-Bahn station, take the left-hand approach and turn right down Knesebeckstraße. After a few meters on the other side of the street is our center in the big white corner house (number 42 on the Knesebeckstraße, corner Drakestraße).


M11 – stop Lichterfelde West
M48 – bus stop Unter den Eichen

(Please note: The indicated lines refer to the final route to the center. Please take the exact connection from your starting point on the internet.)

Our Schedule:

Tuesday-Friday: 08:45-13:15

Mon, Wed-Friday: 16:45- 19:45

For weekend offers please check our booking online option.


How to book your session?

Please click here to book online or send us an email to: noga@chiro-yoga.org