Why are we here?

The replacement of the past religions with the promise of science and technology proved to be dramatically insufficient as far as happiness and meaning are concerned. All we have left now is an utterly senseless rat race: eight billion people rushing frantically to nowhere.

The Purpose: Human Greatness

There is a tremendous meaning to the unique human blend of matter and spirit, animalistic existence in a physical body and all-inclusive consciousness. As this blend, we are meant to elevate the material plane to spiritual heights and, at the same time, direct the spirit downward, deeply into matter. The more we succeed in expressing the unlimited through the limited, the more the spirit is realized in material ways.

The key: A total “Yes” to life

This entire teaching of the fusing of our infinite consciousness and our simplest earthly existence can never be realized as long as we experience within us a certain degree of conscious or unconscious resistance to the human experience, to life within a physical body, and to the world at large.

The Seven Human Centers

The human being is a highly complex, multi-faceted entity. Humans were equipped, in accordance with their great role and destiny, with different centers of perception and experience which could allow them the complete awareness of, and interaction with, all aspects of life. Each such center communicates with one certain layer through appropriate skills and abilities, and each such layer is vital for the existence of life and the processes of awareness.

The secret power: Consciousness

Transformative spirituality consists of giant leaps that one takes within one’s own consciousness. It is jumping, again and again, beyond our known self-identity to a form of self-identity which makes our previous level of functioning and existence redundant. The more we establish ourselves in this higher level of self-identity, the more we become acquainted with a completely new world of human experience, values and mental and emotional activity.