Private Session

How it all started

Between the years 2001 to 2003 the process of my spiritual awakening had entered many complications. It seemed that the system of the body-mind had not been able to conduct the intensity of spiritual energy. So while the inner state had been quickly developing with immense beauty, other unwanted symptoms had followed, like insomnia, hypersensitivity, nausea and low level of functioning in daily life. In “professional” terms, I had suffered from a severe “Kundalini crisis”.

Then came spiritual teacher Gabriel Cousens. Trained by the Siddha Yoga tradition and, on the other hand, a highly educated medical doctor, he immediately related my state to a misalignment in my Nadi system (the subtle nervous system). He understood exactly how the spiritual streams of Kundalini were off course, and managed to correct it through energy transmission, herbs and lifestyle within half a year.

This was a tremendous inspiration! No other expert, including few spiritual teachers, that I met throughout those ghastly two years had succeeded even remotely to identify the crisis let alone offer any meaningful help. And here was one who seemed to be fully equipped with the clearest insights into the human subtle anatomy with all its intricacies.

This intense life experience, both the crisis and its profound overcoming, led me to long years of theoretical and experimental studies of the subtle anatomy. Nowadays, I am strongly convinced that:

  • Knowledge of the subtle anatomy can change one’s path towards spiritual enlightenment and promote spiritual self-mastery.
  • The immense significance of harmony within our Chakras and Kundalini flow should ideally become a general human interest. The healthy functioning of the subtle systems determines the general sense of well-being on all levels in unbelievable ways.

What happens in a private session 

The session is a personal process in which I apply the traditional Yogic insights into Chakras and Kundalini flow – to bring the body-mind to a more wholesome and harmonious flow. Bringing the system to such a healthy flow can bear profound physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual improvements, and that is why different types of people find this process beneficial for different reasons and purposes.

The basic principle is simple: when all seven Chakras are balanced, each reaches optimal function, and at the same time they form together a unified flow of life-force and spiritual energy which nourishes and empowers one’s entire being.

In the process I trace the major blockages within one’s Chakras and Kundalini flow and then help to remove them through:

  • A cognitive process
  • Lifestyle recommendations.
  • Energy work.

The process itself

The process consists of seven steps:

  • A short discussion (10 minutes) – Exploring the person’s current physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state.
  • Chakra analysis (10 minutes) – At this stage I use my own Chakra system and Kundalini flow to reflect the person’s major blocked Chakras, and the relevant issues as well as the person’s next steps that follow from this reflection. In a way, I “become one” with the person’s subtle body for the sake of this analysis.
  • Recommendations for daily life (10 minutes) – Including Mantras, physical and spiritual practices, and more, to help sustain the process of balancing.
  • Guided White Light Expansion (10 minutes) – Using Expansion to clear away the blockages in the major Chakras and to activate the subtle body.
  • An energetic transmission (20 minutes) – For this I apply the traditional principle of energy transmission that brings Chakras to optimal functioning and spiritual acceleration. Every movement I do is based on the traditional knowledge that I verified through my own direct and consistent experience, though the movements themselves are highly intuitive too, the result of my unity with the person’s subtle body. However, I use energy transmission less with the intention to ignite powerful and short-lived spiritual awakenings, and more for a stable building of one’s inner core that can sustain long-term. I know when to stop only when within my own Chakra system and Kundalini flow I feel reflected a totally harmonious and unified movement of the life-force.
  • Meditation (15 minutes) – I leave the person in the room to quietly meditate and rest so that the energy transmission will be absorbed in the body and mind.
  • Integration and conclusion (5 minutes).

Long-term process

It is most recommended for clear results to come for at least three sessions. One’s subtle body needs to awaken sufficiently to be able to absorb the transmission. Aside from that, the process of responding to the sessions by a change of lifestyle also helps greatly.

For lasting results, it is recommended to come to 10-12 sessions, in a gap of three to four weeks.