The healing powers of springtime

Silence & anti-aging health retreat with Shai Tubali
divota apartment hotel, Split, Croatia

Have you ever wondered why some people seem and feel much younger than they actually are?

Why is it that some people seem to stay vital, light, and awake at any age while others don’t?

Did you know there is a difference between the age according to your date of birth, your biological age, and the age of your mind?

Of course, while we cannot change the first one—the other two highly depend on our lifestyle and state of consciousness.

This spring will combine the wisdom of spirit and the wisdom of the body into a new possibility of health and inner blossoming.

This retreat will teach you the secrets of being young and fresh. It combines profound meditation states, unique practices, a deep state of rejuvenating silence, and a profound knowledge of the body and subtle body system.

Seminar & Training
mit Shai Tubali

Language: English with live translation into German

When: 2nd – 6th of April, 2021

Where: divota apartment hotel


350 € for the program with Shai Tubali. (This does not include the accommodation.)

Early-bird until 10.03.2021: 315 €

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The booking takes place through the divota apartment hotel. Please contact them via email:

The springtime has something magical to reveal. After the deep rest during winter, when many plants looked old and almost dead, a miracle starts to happen. The life force in them becomes active again and the abundant vitality of life becomes visible everywhere. It is as if nature is being reborn from silence. This rejuvenating process can be seen as a reminder—that this is also a possibility for us. We can reactivate the life force and find ways to let it flow more harmoniously in our system. Silence is an important key.

In the retreat we will discover:

Silence enables us to discover the timeless and ageless quality of our mind—the timeless dimension of our being, beyond the layers of our chronical age, the accumulated past memories and the burden of many bitter and disappointing experiences.  There is a deeper part of ourselves that is forever new, fresh, always straight to the point. Silence brings us to the zero point—where we are completely free from past and light—to feel like a newborn.

On the other hand, there is the body realm. Due to poor lifestyle, bad eating habits, stress, the many chemicals and pollution around us, our bodies not only age but really get old in the negative sense of the word. We can, however, reverse that process and age chronically by greatly delaying our biological aging.

In other words: we can feel physically young, vital, wakeful, free from sickness, even as we age.

This retreat is the complication of two powerful elements of rejuvenation. The natural intelligence of our body and the spiritual intelligence of our mind.

In combining these two types of intelligence, we also get to know the healing powers of the ancient chakra system and the connection between the optional activity of our subtle body and the health of our physical body—the gentleness of our being and anti-aging powers of our bodies.

The retreat includes:

  • Morning talks dedicated to meditation, silence, and understanding the return to zero points
  • Afternoon talks dedicated to the body and the knowledge of nutrition, the subtle body and the chakra system, and the way we experience stress
  • Guided meditations
  • Breathing practices and yoga
  • Darkness meditation therapy
  • An afternoon of meditation in nature near Divota

The retreat includes full accommodation in the divota apartment hotel, the only holistic city retreat hotel in Croatia. Vegan, organic, healthy homemade food is also provided.

You can enhance your retreat time with extra individual treatments (for a fee). Choose from:

Chiropractic treatments: a robust support for any spiritual process, building the body’s ability to conduct life forces.
Shiatsu with Sonja, which works on the meridians, stimulating the free flow of energy through the body. Through deep relaxation, the body’s natural ability to heal itself comes life
Massage treatments
Foot reflexology, activating the meridians of the body in order to restore the body’s self-healing capacity
Crystal bath, chromotherapy: seven pure quartz crystals radiating light and energy for clearing and balancing the chakras
Kum nye Tibetan healing massage: Tibetan back is an acupressure-like massage that activates all organs by pressing a sequence of pressure points along the meridians of the back, having a positive therapeutic effect on the entire organism
8 movements—extracting the essences, activating hormones and neurotransmitter sequences of different touch patterns, relieving stress and inducing deep relaxation with an intensive, oily full-body massage—an all-time-favourite massage treatment using circular movement patterns, activating the subtle body, leaving you invigorated and fresh
Lu jong 5 elements works simultaneously with body, mind, and energy, balancing the elements and humors—the foundation of the physical body. This treatment transforms our negative emotions, and invigorates the subtle body system of channels and wind-energy. The result is a beautiful, efficient, and systematic practice that improves our well-being in all dimensions

Become one with the secrets of the spring time

The silence retreat in the beautiful divota apartment hotel offers you the time to become one with the secrets of the spring season and to awaken your body and being to a whole new level of vitality and well-being.

Through inspiring talks, guided meditations, special health practices, and supportive, bespoke nutrition, Shai Tubali invites you to merge with the surprising healing of meditation and silence, enabling you to create a transformative rejuvenation in your body, mind, and spirit—and to blossom with new colors of freedom, inner peace, and joy.

divota apartment hotel

divota apartment hotel is a boutique hotel located in the heart of Split, Croatia. Formed by 13 stone houses, we offer everything from rooms and studio apartments to an authentic Dalmatian villa, breakfast room, spa, concierge, and healthy corner for our health-conscious guests.

Divota is also a sanctuary for wellness, and we specialize in Tibetan exercises such as Lu Jong yoga and healing massages like Kum Nye. We guarantee a full range of services, quality staff, and hotel standards.

The divota garden also offers a unique setting for guests to unwind in a city rich with history and scenic beauty.

About Shai Tubali

Shai Tubali is a spiritual teacher, philosopher, and author with more than 18 years of experience in guiding retreats, seminars, and schools in Europe and around the world.

Shai Tubali is a leading authority in the field of self-development and self-empowerment. In his writings and teachings, he skillfully combines psychology, philosophy, Yogic traditions and Eastern thought and practices into powerful processes of inner transformation.

A trained Yogi, with years of studies in the field of Eastern thought and Yogic traditions behind him, Shai Tubali has become one of Europe’s experts in the field of subtle bodies and, more specifically, the ancient chakra system. Based on his own direct and ongoing revelation of cosmic consciousness since the age of 23, he has guided thousands in Israel and Europe towards the deeper experiences of the hidden potential of their hearts and minds. Shai is the head and founder of the Human Greatness Center Berlin.

In this retreat he combines his experience and deep knowledge of health and spirituality to create for you the basis for a true springtime of being.

Organisational information:

Language: English with live translation into German
When: 2nd – 6th of April, 2021

Time: The retreat starts at 16:00
Where: divota apartment hotel, Split, Croatia


350 € for the program with Shai Tubali. (This does not include the accommodation.)

Early-bird until 10.03.2021: 315 €

Booking and payment:

The booking takes place through the divota apartment hotel.

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