A journey into your innermost

Satsangs with Shai Tubali are an invitation to open your heart through silence and to explore and realize your Self. Starting soon, they take place every month in out beautiful Human Greatness Center in Dahlem, Berlin.

If you can’t participate in person, you are welcome to join wherever you are via live-stream. The event is donation based and open for everyone.

Satsang can be a light for everyone of us on our life’s journey. It’s truly are rare opportunity to meet yourself.

There is no significant intellectual learning in Satsang. You don’t attend to be intellectually stimulated or to add new ideas to your already-overloaded mind. When you come to Satsang, you remove the clothes of the intellect, emotion and sensation which artificially cover your bare, pure being. It is a direct, unmediated meeting with yourself.

That is why focusing on the teacher would be such a waste: a real Satsang is when you experience that it is your very own self speaking to you in its very own words, reminding you of something you already know.

Satsang is the ultimate spiritual practice, far more significant that any meditation. It essentially replaces the temples and cathedrals of the past, as it signifies the shift from external temples to the internal temple; a new human understanding that the eternal is not to be worshipped but to be silently known within oneself.

We need to learn how to meet ourselves. That is the service offered to us by enlightened beings. They became enlightened because they had been trained by others to meet themselves. Now they are here to function as a transparent gate through which we can pass to know our true self.

Satsang does not only happen in the presence of a teacher – Satsang IS life

The Satsang will be in English and will also be shared via live-stream.

Price: We want everyone to be able to participate in Satsang.That’s why we don’t ask for an entry fee. We happily accept donations based, they help us pay for the beautiful room for the event.


When: Please visit our event calender for current dates
Time: 19 – 21 pm.
Language: English
Where: Human Greatness Center, Altensteinstr. 48A, 14195 Berlin


The Satsangs are also shared via online live stream.