Herzchakra öffnen - Mit der School of Heart

 A Journey into the secrets and powers of the Invincible Heart.

Does our Heart really need to be protected?

Does it always have to shift from closing to opening and the other way around?

Is it doomed to experiencing the play of opposites of trust and suspicion, grudge and forgiveness, self-love and self-hatred?

Are great hearts like Gandhi’s and Mother Teresa’s rare and unachievable to us? Did they know some secret key that we too could reach?

In the transformative process of this eight months school you will:

Learn how to leave your heart always open and full – we do not really need to “close” our heart sometimes or feel the sense of emptiness inside it. The Heart Chakra can teach us how to fearlessly do that.
Become invincible, strong and unbreakable, thanks to the love and compassion in your heart. Often it seems like love is a weaker position in the world, while the Heart tells us that this is actually a way to become the strongest.
Know without a doubt the meaning of human life and the purpose of your unique soul.
Genuinely mature your emotions – from sadness, loneliness, disappointment, fear of abandonment and rejection, grudge and attachment, into love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, trust and faith.
Usually we don’t know how to deeply change our emotional system, and sometimes, in our frustration, we even think that this is impossible, but the Heart Chakra offers a true maturation process.

Structure: The school of the heart consists of three major parts

Herzchakra öffnen - Geschichte

The world of the Heart Chakra: the cosmic essence of the Heart, the search of the Heart, stages of development (closeness/openness, emptiness/fullness), the nature of the emotional center, an overview of the Heart principle (in history, science, mysticism like Yoga, Kabbalah, and Christianity), the Heart Chakra in relation to other Chakras, the Heart as the center of motive and choice, the human Heart and the spiritual Heart, the upper and lower Heart, the heart as the center of direct knowing. This is a more theoretical part with perhaps some thought-experiments.

How to balance the Heart Chakra: qualities and approaches. This is the most practical part of the school, guiding how to keep the heart forever open, how to mature the emotional center, how to forgive deeply, how to be forgiven, how to experience strength through unconditional love, how to overcome traumas of abandonment and disappointment and learn to trust, how to overcome dependency, how to love ourselves, how to truly receive and to truly give, how to find our soul’s call and mission and to use meaning-finding as a form of therapy, how to heal ourselves and others, how to cultivate faith and prayer, how to purify our heart, how to allow true intimacy, how to allow the flow of pain for the sake of true Heart-opening. Including a questionnaire of imbalance/balance.

Erwachtes Herzchakra

Higher potentials of the Heart Chakra: the Universal Heart, Love beyond the self, the meaning of human existence, the spiritual path of the heart, the real experience of unity, the path of selfless service, divine grace, the human soul, famous figures who demonstrated astounding heart capacities and historical stories that proved the “Heroism of the Heart”, the Heart Chakra personality type, the Heart Chakra and the Kundalini process, the secret of Christ Consciousness, the responsible Heart, the Heart as the key to world-transformation. This part will also include some practices. Including a questionnaire of “Are you a Heart Chakra type?”

Learn how to fulfill the ultimate potential of your heart in 7 steps:

1st weekend: Preparation for the journey: get to know the world of the Heart
In this invaluable weekend you will be introduced to the hidden “anatomy”of your heart: its nature and structure, capacities and qualities, modes of activity and levels of functioning.
3rd weekend: Second step: mend your broken heart and make it whole again
The second step of healing of the heart is to learn how to work with your primal emotions such as dependency and need, expectation, disappointment and rejection. What is the way to achieving a whole and emotionally mature heart?
5th weekend: Fourth step: make your heart unbreakable - learn the power of vulnerability
The fourth step is to trust that vulnerability is a source of strength, not weakness. You learn that your heart needs no protection and that it as a fearless and heroic presence in you.
7th weekend: Sixth step: move from emptiness of the heart to fullness of the heart
The sixth step is to fill your heart with knowing, meaning and purpose. You can discover the heart as a driving force that directs you to your true role in this life.
2nd weekend: First step: Learn to accept, love and forgive the first and ultimate partner in your life - yourself
The first step of the healing of the heart is learning how to fully embrace and tenderly contain the first “other” in your life. This first step is necessary for you to be able to learn how to receive and give properly.
4th weekend: Third step: learn how to never close your heart again
The third step is outgrowing the habit of constant closing and opening your heart. Getting to know the real size of your heart makes it possible for you to keep it open, soft and loving in all conditions.
6th weekend: Fifth step: move from isolation and loneliness to merging
The fifth step is to learn to drop all sense of isolation and loneliness by awakening the merging impulse in you. You find out that the “other” is a gate through which you discover profound intimacy and connectedness.
8th weekend: Seventh step: awaken your spiritual heart
The seventh and last step is to realize that your heart is a universal heart. You get to know your heart as a spiritual path to ego-transcendence and “Christ Consciousness”.

“How am I supported?”

exclusive Mastermind Group

24 Months Online Access
All the weekend seminars will be recorded and be available online exclusively for participants. You can watch them again wherever and whenever you want to deepen your transformative experience.
Unique Exercises
Every month you will get a set of new exercises to support the process of the awakening of your heart chakra in an optimal way
Q&A Sessions
Each of the 8 weekend includes Q&A Sessions, where questions can be asked and will be answered directly by Shai Tubali. The answers are recorded on video so that you have access to them whenever you need.
Exclusive Facebook Mastermind
Private and direct communication to Shai Tubalis Team
Exchange with other participants
Exchange and interact with the other participants for maximum learning

About the teacher of the School of Heart

Shai Tubali

Shai Tubali

Shai Tubali is a highly active spiritual teacher has guided thousands of people through seminars, lectures, courses, schools and retreats in Europe, Israel, and India in the last 16 years. As well as an author of 21 books in the subjects of philosophy, psychology, and of course spiritual transformation and self-development methods. He is the developer of several methods of spiritual therapy and awakening. Among them: the “White Light Expansion” and “Power Psychology”.

Shai defines his spiritual teaching as a teaching of meaning. One that put at the center the universal meaning and purpose of human life.

“How can I participate?”

Where: Chiro-Yoga Centre, Drakestraße 42, 12205 Berlin and Online as Livestream and Online-Course
11.-12. November 2017,
16.-17. December 2017,
20.-21. January 2018
17.-18. February 2018
17.-18. March 2018
14.-15. April 2018
19.-20. May 2018
16.-17. June 2018
Time: Sat & Sun 10:30 – 18:30
Language: The school takes place in English – German translations are available
All weekends will be recorded with a HD camera. Via livestream you can participate from wherever you are or watch them later in the members area.
Costs: The 8 months school with 8 weekend seminars, Online access to the teachings and unique exercises to awaken the heart center costs 1.600 €

100 € discount until 5th of November:  1.500 €

You can pay in 3-8 instalments. If all is paid once you get an aditional discount of 50 €.

School of Heart


per month
  • The 8 months-program – School of Heart
  • 8 weekend seminars
  • 24 Months Online Access to all HD-Video recordings
  • Every month you will get a set of new exercises to support the process of the awakening of your heart chakra in an optimal way
  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Bonus: 21 Days of Self-Acceptance with 21 unique meditations (mp3) (1 year full access)

School of Heart


3 instalments (save 100 €)
  • The 8 months-program – School of Heart
  • 8 weekend seminars
  • 24 Months Online Access to all HD-Video recordings
  • Every month you will get a set of new exercises to support the process of the awakening of your heart chakra in an optimal way
  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Bonus: 21 Days of Self-Acceptance with 21 unique meditations (mp3) (1 year full access)

School of Heart


one-time-payment (save 150,00 €)
  • The 8 months-program – School of Heart
  • 8 weekend seminars
  • 24 Months Online Access to all HD-Video recordings
  • Every month you will get a set of new exercises to support the process of the awakening of your heart chakra in an optimal way
  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Bonus: 21 Days of Self-Acceptance with 21 unique meditations (mp3) (1 year full access)

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What others say about Shai Tubali

For me, the school and the time with Shai have been a deeply enriching experience. Everybody is accepted as he/she is, which to me is crucial criterion for growth and development. The seminars with Shai always bring me back to myself, especially, when I’m to distracted from everyday life. Shai makes me experience moments of the inexperience. I owe him many insights that I had "on the road" Thank you Shai for your compassion, your patience and your way of guiding and teaching. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


In the last two years I visited a lot of Shais seminars and workshops. His teachings radiate an incredible clarity and they help me a lot. My understanding and my sense of perception deepened simultaneously on many levels. I became clearer. Shais methods and teachings are not only helpful for meditation, but also for the challenges in our daily lives. It is fun to devote each day to a particular chakra and turn to him lovingly. Shai radiates joy, warmth and love and I especially like his sense of humour. I am very grateful for everything - I remain faithful to this wonderful path, and look forward to continuing it. With Love,

Petra Möller

I recommend Shais teachings to anybody who is interested to experience spirituality in a deep way. The most important aspect for me is to accept life like it is. And not to use spiritual teachings, how intelligent they seem, to run away from life. Shai has the gift, that he can explain complex concepts in a way, that everybody can understand them. He is a bridge between modern psychology and spiritual teachings. Since I became his student my life changed in a very positive way. In Particular I found the clarity and definiteness to actively follow a spiritual path – and not only to read and talk about it.

F. Fuchs


A few questions that we are asked frequently, that we thought might help you understand more the design and content of the school:

Is it possible to participate only in selected parts of the school?

The School of Heart is designed as a complete process and therefore we strongly recommend participating in the whole process- in that way your own development and transformation will be highly supported and accelerated. But have no worries- If for some reason you cannot take part in parts of it, video recordings of each lesson and practice will be available to you. You also get free access to the schools’ materials for complete 2 years following the school. It means that whenever you wish to practice or repeat a session, it will be available to you. We put a lot of effort and attention in creating the best learning environment for you, and for that another feature that would be available is a summary of each and every learning session so you can always go through them and integrate them deeply.

I do not have prior experience with Chakras. Can I participate in the School?

You are most welcome to join the School and it does not require any prior knowledge or experience. The teaching is designed to empower your journey, and boost your personal spiritual development. The lessons are taught in a crystal clear way, and beginners as well as experienced participants will benefit greatly from the knowledge of the Chakras. If you do have prior knowledge, the school could enrich and deepen your understanding even further, thanks to the unique spiritual insight and depth of expertise of Shai Tubali in the field.

I understand that participation is both in Berlin and Online, could you elaborate on that?

Some participants come from all over Germany and Europe to Berlin to participate in the School, and some watch it from their home. In fact each one is able to decide what is most convenient and beneficial for him/her. We are using high-tech tools to create an E-learning environment that is both interactive and engaging, so that On-line participants get superb conditions of participating in the school. Our interactive interface enables one to be at home, and feel as if being with us personally. Watching is easy and intuitive, and our helpful team of technical support will be always happy to serve you and make sure you participate comfortably.

Is the course a personal or group process, and would I need to expose personal details about myself?

The school is designed as a personal process, in which there are no ‘group dynamics’. You will not need to share any personal details, unless you wish to do so. In the coming course we expect between 40-50 participants from Germany and all around Europe, and occasionally there are participants from the US and other countries. The atmosphere that is created is very friendly and heartily, and is highly supportive of spiritual processes and development. Ages are between 20 and 80, and we keep a warm and welcoming attitude in our center in Berlin. And yes, for those who want to, we even eat together delicious vegan meals during lunch breaks!

What are payment conditions, are there discounts for students, and what happens if I need for some reason to cancel my participation?

We offer two kinds of discounts, one is for early registration, and the other is for full payment in one installment. Payment could be made in 3 or 3 installments, and you will be able to find the detailed refund terms and conditions in the registration form.

Can I use the techniques and knowledge of the school afterwards? do I get a certificate for participation in the School?

The school is designed to empower your life and spiritual journey in many ways, including knowledge and practices. Our focus however is not on qualifying therapists, but on your personal process. So you are most welcome to use it with people you love such as friends and relatives, or clients you treat in your practice. At the end of the course each participant will be granted a certificate of successful completion of the course.

Follow the journey into the secrets and powers of the Invincible Heart!

Learn how to leave your heart always open and full and re-connect to your true nature.

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