School of Life

There is a whole range of education that nobody taught us in school. We learn Math and Literature, Physics and Biology – yet all this is knowledge about life and not knowledge of life. It is the knowledge of life that we’re missing; the type that can teach us how to engage in the direct experience of life and learn from it.

In the “School of Life” Shai Tubali teaches our missing education; our complete knowledge of life’s wisdom and direct experience.

  • Did you ever wonder how you can integrate spirituality into your daily life?
  • Did you ever want to learn how to live life fully, with passion, inner power, joy and deep understanding?
  • Have you ever had the feeling that life is a school, filled with lessons and opportunities to grow and develop spiritually?
  • “Awakening” and “Enlightenment” are your highest goals and you want to walk the whole path, not just half of it?

If you answer these questions with a ‘YES’ then you might want to know about our School of life program.

Thankfully, you already have the answer, since it lies within YOU – in your seven chakras.

The seven chakras knowledge can give you the essential wisdoms of life- Instead of being taught knowledge about life.

We, human beings have seven dimensions, seven layers of existence which are like different parts, that if you overlook or neglect even one of them, you would feel frustrated and unhappy.  Having these seven chakras is like a reminder that we are meant to activate them as our devices for contacting the seven dimensions.

Guided by spiritual teacher and Kundalini-expert Shai Tubali you will learn in eaach weekend of this school, how you can access and activate this wisdom within yourself. The chakras are not only meant to be “open” or “blocked” – if you truly want to awaken on all levels, your chakras need to awaken.

In the school, every month we study a different “class” of life. The teacher is the corresponding chakra. You learn how to best deal with the challenges of the chakras, how to heal, balance and open them.

What you will learn…

…… verstehen, wie wichtig das Erwachen der Chakren für dein Erwachen und für den Prozess der Erleuchtung ist

…… Learn how to face “moments of truth” in your life, which are the golden opportunities for you to face successfully the tests and challenges of each Chakra

…… Cultivate a balanced state of the masculine and feminine qualities of each Chakra, so its’ lesson can be fully learned and integrated in your life

…… Learn how to nourish the true needs of each of your Chakras, and what are the fake needs and obstacles you should avoid or transcend

…… Directly experience the spiritual states of consciousness and spiritual qualities that can be achieved through the full potential of each Chakra

Each weekend will be followed by practices for the rest of the month in order to establish the study in “real life”. In that way you will feel supported in your practice and evolution throughout the entire year!

The school will take place over the course of eight months, from October 9 2016 to May 6 2017, a total of 8 weekend sessions. All sessions will begin at 10.30 CET and finish at 18:30. You can participate in person or on-line. It is also possible to join single weekends.
Register any time!

The weekends

1 – Root chakra – Being sensory center

Being in a physical body, as a biological being with physical roots, earthly attachment, family unit, and a physical body with physical needs for shelter, money and security.

At that layer we are the children of Gaya – mother earth.

What is the enlightened way to live all this? How do you relate in an enlightened way to your family? To financial issues? What is the enlightened approach towards attachments? What is the enlightened approach towards physical needs of the body? How many percentages should we dedicate to every dimension?

2 – The joy chakra – Being a feeling center

Being sensual beings, the dimension in which life is experienced through the senses, through pleasure, beauty, poetry. The dimension of the sensual experience, our relationship to enjoyment, the arts, sexuality, free time, hobbies, laughter, humor, celebration, special experiences. Experiencing life as an enjoyment.

What is the enlightened way to approach sexuality? How do you relate in an enlightened way to pleasure and enjoyment?

3 – Solar plexus – Being a willing center

We are individual beings, this layer is where we experience ourselves as individuals within society in which we want to find our place; here there is the search for our individual power, ambition, destination, the role we take in the play of forces.

What is enlightened individuality? What is enlightened ambition? What is enlightened power? What is enlightenment in relationship to society?

4 – Heart chakra – Being an emotional center

Being emotional beings where we experience ourselves as being in relationships,

interacting through emotions with one another. Here we find emotions like trust, love, devotion, service, selflessness, intimacy and unity.

What are enlightened relationships? What is enlightened intimacy?

5 – Throat chakra – Being a communication center

Being communicating beings where we experience ourselves as individuals in

exchange of ideas, thoughts, visions, concepts and feeling and emotions in form (like art forms) Here we have elements like influence, speech, representing believes and certain

Truths. What is enlightened speech? What is enlightened vision? What is enlightened communication?

6 – The third eye – Being a thinking center

Being thinking beings. This is the dimension of ourselves as thinkers, observers,

judging, reflecting, concluding. Here we have elements like wisdom and learning, intelligence and awareness, mental order, understanding and knowledge.

What is enlightened wisdom? What is enlightened approach to knowledge? What is enlightened mind? What is enlightened thinking?

7 – The crown chakra – The being center

Being spiritual beings. This is the dimension in which we experience ourselves

completely free from other centres, existing independently as pure spirit in its

different depths including universal all-encompassing spirit. Here there are elements like meditation, inner freedom, silence, detachment, renunciation.

What is the enlightened way of relating from this dimension to all other dimensions?

8 – Closing weekend

What does it mean a free movement between the seven dimensions?

What is the ultimate enlightened living? It is when we are so free from one

identification that we can simply move without hindrance from one dimension to another, from one identity to another, from one experience to another without any contradictions. Enlightenment is the ability to combine and coordinate the right balance between all dimensions. So who are we? In this weekend we can discover the super identity. We are not one, we are seven.

This is the real human experience. And when we are seven then we are finally one.

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