An Introduction To The World Of The Seven Chakra Personality Types

Discover how to unleash your inner potential and find true fulfilment and meaning by tuning into your unique chakra type.

The chakras define seven centers of perception and experience. Through these centers, we each encounter and experience our own multi-dimensional reality. When you look at life through the lens provided by the chakras, you discover that it can be seen in specific and distinct ways, and in light of this discovery, different values, meaning, and happiness become far more relevant. Each one holds a different energy and examining these qualities can help you to use the chakras as a tool for understanding yourself and coping with change.

Seminar & Training
with Shai Tubali

Language: English

Where: online

Cost: € 180

This exciting and enriching seminar is your opportunity to:

  • Experience from within the full spectrum of all chakra type cosmic essence and awake your dormant potential for wisdom and manifestation.
  • Find out what is the right spiritual path for you – what is the meaning of life that is closest to your heart and what is your own path to true happiness.
  • Learn how to balance your emotions and find peace in your mind, body and soul thanks to a spiritual understanding that combines chakra wisdom and deep psychological understanding of human attributes and patterns of behavior.
  • Increase self-acceptance and acceptance of others through the knowledge and understanding of the different gifts of each chakra type.
  • Receive recommendations and practical guidance on enjoying healthy relationships in your personal life and work, developing teamwork skills and even contributing to world peace in your own way every day.

„All of you are rays of the great sun; beautiful embodiments of your own chakra types“   – Shai Tubali

“The Seven Chakra Personality Types” is a revolutionary method based on the ancient wisdom of the chakras that can give you a profound insight into your own personal characteristics and dormant potential.

This weekend is an exciting and meditative journey into the secrets of  this profound system of self-reflection that can enable individual realization of your unique meaning and purpose in life and, at the same time, to increase harmony, love and cooperation in human relationships by finally getting to know and understand others’ unique characteristics, inclinations and qualities.

The seminar includes

  • Talks by Shai Tubali about the method and the ways to use it for personal, spiritual and even cultural options
  • Unique guided meditations
  • Recommendations and tips for every chakra type development path
  • An in-depth questionnaire to find out your main and secondary chakra types
  • 21 days of guided meditations, which will be sent to participants via email after the weekend to anchor the process
  • Clear guidance on how to continue applying the recommendations for your chakra type back home

And it doesn’t end there… after the seminar each participant will receive the chance to enjoy ‘The Seven Chakra Personality Types’ book at a special price, signed by Shai Tubali!

The seven chakras function as illuminators of our individual paths and indicators of the way that our individual journeys can unfold.

Your chakra type determines the way in which you perceive and experience the world.


What chakra personality type are you?

‘Builders’ – lovers of details, foundations and structures.

‘Artists’ – lovers of life, experience and feeling.

‘Achievers’ – energetic pursuers of ambitions and heights.

‘Caretakers’ – emotionalists who wish to help.

‘Speakers’ – charismatic leaders and guides.

‘Thinkers’ – keen observers and idea-makers

‘Yogis’ – silent and reclusive meditators

You are welcome to find out – no previous experience or knowledge about chakras is needed

About Shai Tubali

Shai Tubali, the seminar leader and developer of this original method, is a leading authority in the field of self-development and self-empowerment. In his writings and teachings, he skillfully combines psychology, philosophy, yogic traditions and Eastern philosophy and practices into powerful processes of inner transformation.

Shai has utilised his 18 years of expertise as one of the world’s leading teachers in the fields of Eastern philosophy and yogic knowledge to develop this original system that demystifies human nature by classifying different personalities into seven types, based on the principle of seven independent centers of perception.

Through his deep studies of the human condition, Shai has come to the conclusion that each of us has one energy center that is our most dominant force, supported by a secondary one that actually determines what makes up our gifts, as well as challenges and imbalances.

With the help of a detailed analysis, in this two-day intensive seminar you will receive colorful and vivid outlines of each personality type and its cosmic essence. You will learn how this system can enable you to effectively analyze yourself and others.

Based on this analysis, you can find the tools to create a balanced and fully realized life; one that is completely aligned with your deepest experience of self-expression, fulfillment and joy.

Cost & Registration:

Language: English with simultaneous translation into German

When: 27th-28th of April 2019

Time: 10:30 – 18:30 Uhr

Where: Belmani Center, Weverstraat 30, 6862 DP Oosterbeek, the Netherlands

Cost: € 250 or  € 225,- at registration and payment until 02.02.19 | the price includes: Daily vegan lunch, tea/coffee/water, and fruits


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