Books and CD´s

All of Shai Tubali’s books and audiobooks hold the power to alter your perspective and to guide you through a transformative journey. You can now take a first intuitive step – on a way that can change your life one book or audiobook at a time.

Books from Shai Tubali

  • Cosmos and Camus: Science Fiction Film and the Absurd

  • The Seven Wisdoms of Life

  • Indestructible You: Building a Self that Can’t be Broken

  • A Guide to Bliss

  • The Journey to Inner Power: Self-Liberation through Power Psychology

  • The Realm of Seven Masters- A traveler`s journey into oneself

  • Unlocking the 7 Secret Powers of the Heart: A Practical Guide to Living in Trust and Love

  • The Seven Chakra Personality Types: Discover the Energetic Forces that Shape Your Life, Your Relationships, and Your Place in the World

  • The Mystical Enlightenment Of Friedrich Nietzsche: On the death of God and the God within



the seven wisdoms of life

A Book of the Year finalist and one of the most comprehensive books ever written about the chakras and their role in human life, The Seven Wisdoms of Life is grounded not in esoteric theory but rather in the down-to-earth way we can consciously use the teachings of the chakras in order to become fully balanced and fulfilled human beings.


indestructible you

building a self that can’t be broken

Indestructible You is a practical guidebook for making yourself so strong inside that life’s relentless ups and downs cannot shake you and cannot break you. It will help you uncover the powerful, driving force of your true self, and let go of everything that holds you back.

Courses from Shai Tubali

  • an introduction to the world of the seven chakra personality types

  • understanding and transforming sexual energy

  • Tummo – Inner fire meditation


Why I write and speak

There is nothing that I consider more precious than the possibility of genuine inner transformation. When I write a book or give a course, I feel deeply committed to provide you with the clearest, most effective step by step pathways to liberation and realization. I only deliver direct knowledge, the type that can alter your mind already while you read or watch the materials. And all is guided by the wish to empower you to such a degree that you would feel bigger than life and thus fully able to engage in it.

Shai Tubali