Silent retreat - Shai Tubali

How to discover a deep rooted peace within you

Silent Retreat

The universe in you

Shai Tubali

Silent retreats with Shai Tubali are a unique opportunity for an irreversible spiritual awakening.

Many people experience moments of profound spiritual awakening during Satsang or other encounters with spiritual wisdom and frequencies.

Quick and explosive as such initial awakening may be, more often than not they tend to fade away. This is largely due to the secular and ego-centered environments we live in, and the fact that we are heavily exposed to constant external stimuli and influence. Under such circumstances, it’s very hard to maintain the sufficient spiritual focus that we need in order to turn glimpses into truth into a permanent reality.

Shai Tubali has guided countless retreats and seminars during the last 17 years in India, Israel and Germany. During his silence retreats, he creates a powerful field of awakening and self-transcendence. In an atmosphere of deep silence and depth, people are easily drawn to leave their “worldly” self behind, in order to devote themselves to their deepest self.