What is real spirituality?

Many feel that their process of change along their journey of self-development unfold without an end: one more pattern to resolve, one more insight to gain – a long and arduous, brick by brick process… More often than not, after few years one might even find out that a pattern seemingly resolved has resurfaced and wonder whether one has simply returned to the starting point. The answer that spiritual teacher Shai Tubali offers to this problem brings together the enlightenment teachings of the great Yogic traditions and principles of Western psychology: he claims that there is a significant confusion around the nature of the true transformative process.

Enlightenment is the peak of spirituality

Spiritual Enlightenment is the foundation of all of Shai Tubali’s teachings and writings. Though his fields of expertise may seem diverse, he considers the dimension of enlightened consciousness his one source of inspiration and knowing. Every particle of the teaching, he says, is saturated in the supreme direct experience of spiritual enlightenment.

Enlightenment is the pinnacle of the process of transformative spirituality. It is where the transformation of our self-identity reaches a point of complete self-transcendence, leading us to the breakthrough of all inner boundaries and revealing to us the true nature of our human consciousness. Shai Tubali states that spiritual enlightenment is the fulfillment of the greatest potential of human consciousness. This claim is supported by many teachings of mystical union, such as Yoga, Buddhism, mystical Christianity, Kabbalah (mystical Judaism), Sufism (mystical Islam) and more.

What is the meaning of life?

The discovery of transformative spirituality and spiritual enlightenment is that who we really are is a limitless spirit freely experiencing human life. This discovery enables us a state of non-attachment, fearlessness and unending joy. However, there is a danger: if we stick to the deep spiritual states alone, we might become alienated from the human experience and the world might be seen as insignificant and meaningless. Indeed, more often than not spiritual people deny the world and express a wish to “return home”, to the state of pure spirit. The human experience seems then almost like a mistake that needs to be corrected. In Shai Tubali’s teachings, our human call is not to abide in the spirit alone but to stay exactly in the middle between the two ends of our experience. If we ever wish to know also the meaning of life, he claims, we need to find a perfect middle-point between our material existence and spiritual being.

What are the seven dimensions of life?

It is not easy to handle human life. Why? According to Shai Tubali, the primary reason for that is that human existence is a unique blend of spirit and matter. This creates a great complexity that one needs to gradually master. To navigate this complexity and to fully realize it, Shai created the system of the “Seven Dimensions of Life”. The seven dimensions are the complete map of human experience – from matter all the way to spirit and from spirit all the way to matter.