Enlightenment is the peak of spirituality

Spiritual Enlightenment is the foundation of all of Shai Tubali’s teachings and writings. Though his fields of expertise may seem diverse, he considers the dimension of enlightened consciousness his one source of inspiration and knowing. Every particle of the teaching, he says, is saturated in the supreme direct experience of spiritual enlightenment.

Enlightenment is the pinnacle of the process of transformative spirituality. It is where the transformation of our self-identity reaches a point of complete self-transcendence, leading us to the breakthrough of all inner boundaries and revealing to us the true nature of our human consciousness. Shai Tubali states that spiritual enlightenment is the fulfillment of the greatest potential of human consciousness. This claim is supported by many teachings of mystical union, such as Yoga, Buddhism, mystical Christianity, Kabbalah (mystical Judaism), Sufism (mystical Islam) and more.

According to Shai Tubali’s teachings, there are three levels of human consciousness, while in most humans only the first level is active.

The first level is the personal experience of life. For the most part, human consciousness is wasted on excessive focus on one’s personal experience of emotions and thoughts, worries and hopes, desires and wishes. The first level puts at the center the individual ego. Since this is not the true and full destiny of our consciousness, the ego quickly becomes the imprisoner of both consciousness and itself. This is the reason for the disturbing feeling of endless search and discontent, a restless desire that never finds its fulfillment.

When our consciousness finds out its true nature and destiny, it becomes happy and satisfied beyond measure.

The second level is the philosophical experience of life. This level has been reached by many philosophers, poets and scientists, who intuited throughout history that the human consciousness has also a greater destiny of investigating into the universe and the mystery beyond the self-centered thinking. These figures have sincerely asked the bigger questions which pondered the great mystery of life itself.

However, Shai Tubali claims, the second level, despite its great beauty and value, is only a medium-stage. On the third level human beings begin to investigate into and meditate on the nature of consciousness itself. They seek to reach direct and experiential answers of who they are and why they are here.

On the third level, we discover that our consciousness has a far greater nature and destiny: when one shifts attention from the obsessive focus on the small ego, our consciousness is revealed as unlimited, infinite and all-inclusive; as the consciousness of the universe itself. Here we realize that the great mystery we were trying to grasp on the second level truly hides within our very own consciousness.

As soon as our human consciousness merges into this greater reality, the over-importance we ascribe to our ego and its endless concerns and needs fades away. The reason is simple: when our consciousness finds out its true nature and destiny, it becomes happy and satisfied beyond measure.

This is why the process of enlightenment must begin with detaching from the compulsive focus on our ego and its endless stream of thoughts and feelings. Instead of hopelessly trying to fix the ego and to bring it to final satisfaction, we enter a process which shows us, again and again, through repetitive yet ever-deepening experiences, that the very focus on the true nature of consciousness is the one source of satisfaction and happiness. From this follows a liberating feeling of the end of human search, since our consciousness becomes what it most naturally is.

Satsang and silent Retreat are the most powerful and intense ways to share with Shai Tubali this precious discovery of the nature of our consciousness.