What is the meaning of life?

The discovery of transformative spirituality and spiritual enlightenment is that who we really are is a limitless spirit freely experiencing human life. This discovery enables us a state of non-attachment, fearlessness and unending joy. However, there is a danger: if we stick to the deep spiritual states alone, we might become alienated from the human experience and the world might be seen as insignificant and meaningless. Indeed, more often than not spiritual people deny the world and express a wish to “return home”, to the state of pure spirit. The human experience seems then almost like a mistake that needs to be corrected. In Shai Tubali’s teachings, our human call is not to abide in the spirit alone but to stay exactly in the middle between the two ends of our experience. If we ever wish to know also the meaning of life, he claims, we need to find a perfect middle-point between our material existence and spiritual being.

Why? This is because the human experience is a very unique one. It is not made only of pure spirit, nor is it plainly material and physical. Truly, it is an extraordinary blend of the two ends of a potentially liberated spiritual consciousness and a limited and confined physical existence.

While some enlightenment teachings tend to mistakenly place us only at the top end of the human existence – as purely infinite and free consciousness – we are really here to learn how to live fully the human experience as this very spirit. In other words, we are here to create a new type of human being.

It is not a mistake that we took a human form: we are called to bring down the spirit and to enlighten the human existence.

This new type of human is a bridge between two extremes; a meeting point between two worlds. In every action such a human can deepen the connection between these worlds and thus bring forth a new reality.

That is why in Shai’s teaching there is no rejection of lower levels of identity, like the physical body, the ego, the mind or the soul. All of them should be integrated into a wholesome and all-inclusive experience of life. The true spiritual Master is one who skillfully holds both ends of existence; one who has fully embraced all levels of humanness and spirit and who has attained the capacity to freely move between the different worlds. This is what he calls the “Human Buddha”.

In this vision of the “Human Buddha”, the world is not an illusion or a dream. It is actually the only space in which we can overcome limitations and embody and express Godly qualities and unlimited behaviours. Out of the freedom of of our consciousness, we can create new ways of being, full of endless potential and unknown possibilities, and give a new meaning to our existence on this planet.

This is the reason Shai Tubali does not emphasize only traditional enlightenment teachings but also puts a great emphasis on the awakening of all human potential – developing the full range of qualities, capacities and intelligences. It is not a mistake that we took a human form: we are called to bring down the spirit and to enlighten the human existence – just as we should constantly elevate our being through transformative spirituality.