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The Seven Chakra Personality Types method, developed by the chakra expert, Shai Tubali, presents a system for understanding your type based on the wisdom of the chakras. We all possess the seven chakra energies, although each of us has one chakra that is more dominant than the others, as well as a second and third chakra that influence the way in which we experience life and define our strengths and weaknesses. This specific combination of one major chakra, one secondary chakra and one supporting chakra forms our unique personality type.

The new book is a step-by-step introduction to this system of self-reflection and lifestyle improvement. Firstly, it richly presents and guides each personality type. In its second part, it demonstrates each personality type’s effects on human relationships, the capacity for healthy organizations, teamwork and even world peace. It lays out a clear path to appreciate your own unique personality, and reveal why you have certain tendencies and why you are attracted to specific things.
You can then use this information to help make the right decisions for your career, lifestyle and relationships – and to fulfil your greatest potential in life.

This system effectively enables each reader to analyze themselves and others and, based on this analysis, to be practically guided to a balanced and fully realized life, which is aligned with their deepest form of self-fulfilment and happiness.

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