What distinguishes sexual energy from sexuality and a sexual act?
Why has sexuality become so complicated, conflicted and full of contradictions? How can one master and best employ sexual energy for spiritual transformation?

The issue of sexuality is one of the most confusing areas in life for both men and women. We frequently mix together different ideas related to sexual energy, without much awareness of what actually differentiates each component. This lack of understanding leaves us without the right tools to address our many questions in this area and without the ability to truly enjoy sexuality or to be in contact with its intense potential for transformation. Sexuality has already become for many an area filled with contradiction, confusion and opaqueness. Some see it as something to be ashamed of, others as something to be afraid of and yet others feel it is dangerous, controlling us or impossible to work with. This is a shame and a loss.

It is time to understand how we can re-integrate this abundant, powerful and beautiful force back into our lives. By releasing the conditioned tension around it and resolving problematic emotional complexity, you can find right there, in you, the ultimate source of power for transformation, enlightenment and liberation.

Understanding and Transforming Sexual Energy

Venue: online

Price: 180,- Euro

Language: English with live German translation.

Video recordings: The footage will also be available to you afterwards at no additional cost, so you can join live and re-watch later, or just watch the recording if you are not able to join on the day.

Price: The price will be 180€, with a 20€ discount available for participants of the School of Meditation or the School for Emotional Transformation.

a profound and powerful source for self-creation

In this seminar, we will meet the nature of sexual energy as a profound and powerful source for self-creation that holds great potential for our own transformation. We will learn how to master it so it can be used for the purpose of spiritual development.

Shai Tubali will guide us in these two days through inspiring talks, guided meditations and special practices. It will be a journey that can move us from a confused and ultimately inauthentic sexuality––which in many ways is often not sexual at all––to an authentic and real kind of sexuality, and from there to a direct understanding and experiencing of sexual energy.

The teaching will also address the tensions between the plethora of spiritual schools and approaches, who, when it comes to the role of sexual energy, disagree with each other to the point of direct contradiction. Some see it as unimportant, something one must go beyond or something that should be ignored. Others believe sexual energy to be good, a crucial sensual experience, generally good or even essential.

In the seminar, you will learn

In the seminar, you will learn an approach that exhibits no denial and suppression. Instead, we will gain a very deep understanding of sexuality, sexual energy, the ways this energy can be used right and how to direct and master this force as a whole to become a rich, vibrant and energized person, able to merge with the erotic experience of life.

The purpose of this workshop is energetic transcencede and learning how you can break free from the shackles that limit us when dealing with sexual energy.

To get there, we will:

  • Familiarize ourselves with the complex and twisted heritage of sexuality.

  • Learn what sexuality is supposed to be, can become for us and what it means to experience life through the lens of the erotic.

  • Understand how we can enjoy sexuality without being sexual, how we can be connected without taking sexual actions. No matter if in a partnership or other connections.

  • Discover how to best work with sexual energy, how to master it, what it means to save your sexual energy and how all of this feeds into spiritual development.

You are invited to:

  • Encounter Socrates’ and Plato’s thoughts on transcendence and sexual energy, side-by-side with knowledge originating in Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism and more generally in the realm of chakra wisdom.

  • Engage in a process that resolves this conflict-ridden energy field. To do so we will learn how to differentiate finely between sexual energy and a sexual image and how to define each.

  • Learn and practice  techniques that come from the Tummo Meditation (also called “Inner Fire Meditation”) and Taoistic Tantra.

This event is not primarily concerned with sexual acts, but seeks to teach how sexuality can be harnessed as a leading force for our transformation.

The seminar is for both women and men, and differences will be discussed wherever relevant.

“I found Shai’s teachings tremendously powerful and insightful intellectually, yet simultaneously they effected me spiritually, energetically, emotionally with integrated meditations that make the experience ‘real’, ‘known’. He teaches with heart and a pureness of intuition and intent that I have found wonderfully transformative.”
Lee C.

“After a meditation I had the gift to sink deep into the intimacy of my true essence, losing all boundaries and merging with a happiness which was so unconditional and nourishing that no words can describe it. This Universe is unbelievable and full of miracles – and so is this retreat! Thank you with all of my heart for all the Love!”
Francy S.

“The loving guidance from the level of the person through the transpersonal field towards the SELF touched me a lot. A helping hand – yet fully open. Clearly focused and still so free.”
Michael M.

“The meditation retreats with Shai Tubali had been one of the greatest engines of true spiritual transformation for me, combining profound spiritual wisdom, with crystal clear guidance, imbued with depth and inspiration. Shai is a true master of spirit, and the atmosphere in the retreats is highly supportive and well thought through- it is evident that every little detail is taken into consideration, in order to create a highly transformative and empowering spiritual field. It is a haven for true seekers of truth and transformation.”
Dr. Nir Brosh M.D.

“In the last two years I have participated in the Silent Retreats of Shai and can only recommend to everyone to take this great opportunity for themselves! This intense time immersed in absolute love gives everyone the opportunity to experience deep insights into themselves and to develop, in the truest sense of the word! Many thanks to Shai and his great team!”
Susanne S.

About Shai Tubali

Spiritual Teacher, Author and Philosopher – Shai is a prolific and renowned author, with 23 books published to date. His bestselling books have been translated into five languages and have won awards in Israel and the United States. In his teaching Shai combines Yogic knowledge and Eastern practices with the latest in Western science, psychology, and philosophy to create innovative transformative processes. Indeed, almost 20 years of in-depth study of Eastern thought and Yogic tradition have brought this trained Yogi up to a master level in utilizing the tools of spirituality to offer structure, deep insights, and methods for personal growth in all areas of life. Based on his own direct and ongoing revelation of cosmic consciousness since the age of 23, he is a pioneering figure in the field of self-transformation who has helped thousands of people to transform their lives in his many years of teaching around the world.


Venue: The weekend will happen in the Human Greatness Center in Berlin, according to Covid-19 regulations we will be happy to welcome 20 people in person in Berlin.  Please reserve your place now.  Or you can enjoy us through our live broadcast online. You will be able, and indeed very much invited, to ask questions in writing, via audio or through the Zoom link.

The event will be in English with live German translation.

Video recordings:
The footage will also be available to you afterwards at no additional cost, so you can join live and re-watch later, or just watch the recording if you are not able to join on the day.

Special bonus for you :
We also offer a 21-day program of daily meditations after the seminar, where we will send you a daily meditation to deepen and practice what you have learned during the weekend.

The price will be 200€, with a 20€ discount available for participants of the School of Meditation or the School for Emotional Transformation.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you and unleashing together the transformative power trapped in this field!


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