What is Shai’s Vision?

As a spiritual teacher and philosopher, Shai Tubali strongly believes that spirituality – the development of human consciousness – is vital for the fate of humanity; for its present as well as for its future. The fact that we ceaselessly advance in the technological realm while our consciousness remains essentially undeveloped, is an enormous obstacle to the shaping of our species’ future. In other words, spirituality is not only relevant but crucial.

However, he states, the problem with our current spirituality is that it is produly detached from the world as a part of its dogma. In the present predicament, the spiritual activity is perceived as an odd and irrelevant activity of a negligible minority, which makes it its ideology to remain uninvolved, sanctifies the subjective and even sometimes believes that the world is nothing more than an illusion. To this is added a deep fear of life and the world that nests in the hearts of many spiritual people, causing them to hide themselves away.

On the other hand, Shai Tubali believes that the development of human consciousness is a critical key to the shaping of the world. As such, being spiritually awakened implies a greater responsibility on one’s shoulders. The more ignorance is removed, the more one ideally grows in responsibility.

Spirituality, he says, needs to gradually transform itself into a movement which does not offer only relaxation and relief from life in the world. On the contrary, it should provide the world with actual solutions to its deep problems and challenges; it should show how the development of human consciousness is relevant as a substantial and real answer.

Out of this broad vision, Shai develops his teaching not only as a path to illuminating individuals who seek to release themselves from suffering by the power of their own consciousness – but also as a way to create a new type of people and culture on this planet. For him, this is the ultimate purpose of spirituality: redefining the meaning of our human existence.

The path Shai offers is, accordingly, a path of a complete realization of the meaning of human life, based on the traditional knowledge of spiritual enlightenment. It is an integral and multidimensional path, in which people can develop at the same time all levels of their being – all the possible qualities, vital intelligences and centers of consciousness which are required of them to become a solid and wholesome presence which can connect “heaven” and “earth”.

In Shai’s teaching, life in the human body is not a mistake or a dream. He negates the traditional emphasis on the formless Self as the one reality, preferring a unified vision which includes the world and the different layers of human experience. To him, the world is the space for the expression and manifestation of consciousness, and it is therefore a highly significant appearance. Life itself is a spiritual event.

Shai believes that there is an entire range of education which we never received at school: the education that should teach us how to live. To compensate for that, he developed his holistic system of the “Seven Dimensions of Life” which explains life in its totality. Within this system, you will find an extensive range of knowledge and practices, including detailed models of development: ways to remove psychological blockages as well as to develop will and inner power; methods for emotional and heart development and for soul awakening; ways to cultivate intelligence and right thinking, and of course the energetic and transformative knowledge of spiritual awakening.