understanding and transforming sexual energy



What distinguishes sexual energy from sexuality and a sexual act?
Why has sexuality become so complicated, conflicted and full of contradictions? How can one master and best employ sexual energy for spiritual transformation?

The issue of sexuality is one of the most confusing areas in life for both men and women. We frequently mix together different ideas related to sexual energy, without much awareness of what actually differentiates each component. This lack of understanding leaves us without the right tools to address our many questions in this area and without the ability to truly enjoy sexuality or to be in contact with its intense potential for transformation. Sexuality has already become for many an area filled with contradiction, confusion and opaqueness. Some see it as something to be ashamed of, others as something to be afraid of and yet others feel it is dangerous, controlling us or impossible to work with. This is a shame and a loss.

It is time to understand how we can re-integrate this abundant, powerful and beautiful force back into our lives. By releasing the conditioned tension around it and resolving problematic emotional complexity, you can find right there, in you, the ultimate source of power for transformation, enlightenment and liberation.

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