Your kingdom of heaven.

A winter silence retreat with Shai Tubali.

28.12.2017 – 03.01.2018

Bergstraße 2,
14550 Groß Kreutz (Havel).

Would you like to be touched by the light and enter the secrets and depths of Christ consciousness?

This silent retreat with Shai Tubali is a unique opportunity to come into a direct and transformative connection with Christ consciousness.

2.017 years ago, a presence appeared on Earth that marked something in mankind. It is still alive and since then has created echoes inside people’s hearts.

It is the consciousness of light, and it reveals the light in the material and the material in the light. It bridges the earth and the sky. It reflects the one that is in the many and the many that are in the one. The son in the father and the father in the son.

Unlike the eastern consciousness, Christ consciousness is focused on the heart. Through it you can experience how all is united in the heart and experience a direct merging with Christ.

Winter silent retreat

The Christ consciousness within you

Shai Tubali

Having guided countless retreats and seminars in the last 17 years in India, Israel and Germany, Shai Tubali skillfully uses the opportunity of this silent retreat to create a powerful field of awakening for the divine heart and self-transcendence. In ashram-like conditions, the energy field constantly grows in intensity and depth and will enable you to experience a real Christmas this year.

Aside from two Satsang sessions every day, an empowering setting of deep nature with lakes and forests, meditation practices, unique practices and vegan food, provides the platform for this direct merging with the secrets of Christ.

To follow a silent retreat fully can be as powerful as actually being reborn into a new state of awareness and spiritual strength. If you are determined to encounter yourself fully and to leave the world – for some time – entirely behind, you will not come out of the retreat the same.

Silent retreats are recommended for experienced meditators and people who are familiar with the experience of silence and a high energy field. Nevertheless, everyone feeling the authentic call to enter the world of silence for the first time is invited to join such a transformation.

Pay attention, the number of spaces is limited. Save your place now.

When: 28.12. / 18:00 until 03.01. / 12:30
Where: Rosenwaldhof, Bergstraße 2, 14550 Groß Kreutz (Havel)
Language: English with live German translation via personal headphones
Cost: Early bird price – 50 Euro discount on every booking until 12.12.2017

Single room, double bed, personal bathroom: … 887 Euro
Single room, single bed, personal bathroom: …827 Euro
Single room, shared bathroom: …767 Euro
Double room, personal bathroom: …767 Euro
Double room, shared bathroom: … 737 Euro
Three person room: … 737 Euro
Dormitory: … 658 Euro

The price includes accommodation, 3 vegan, organic, healthy meals a day and the retreat program.


What is the essence of the retreat? what is it about?

It is focusing completely on the essence of the kingdom of heaven. it is a very divine event that brings the energy of heaven into your own direct experience. So you can reveal the true meaning of the kingdom of heaven that is dormant in your heart. we will merge with Christ consciousness- dwelling deeply in light which is purifying and transforming.

What is the plan of the retreat?

The final schedule you will have more close to the event but as in other retreats with Shai, the program is structured and includes two talks per day, special guided meditations, mantras, soft movement, music, and special process for the purification of the heart, opening of the heart and healing of it.

What is the difference between this retreat and the summer retreat?

Well, it is a bit like the difference between summer and winter. The winter retreat will be indeed in silence but around a very different core in its heart, with different energy field, meaning, atmosphere, practices and talks.

I am attending the school of heart with Shai Tubali, is the retreat good for me?

Yes. It is a retreat that is focused on the heart and enable you to actually deepen the energies of the school.
It is full with process that will support your heart opening and bring you deep into unity with the divine universal heart.

Is it a religious retreat?

Not in the regular christian angle. It is a deep spiritual retreat that is based on the true Christ consciousness state and is good for all beings, from all cultures, beliefs or tradition. it is full with the energy of divine wholeness white light.

Are there still free places?

A few. we are a small and intimate event this time. So if you wish to join I would recommend to do it now. Also the early bird price- 50 Euro discount is valid by 12.12-2017

I dont feel comfortable with English...

Dont worry, all activities are translated into live German

I have special food needs. Can I still join?

Our retreat is supported with healthy, organic vegan food. if you have limitations like free of gluten, allergies and so on let us know in advance and we can support you.

Can I participate on-line?

No, but if you wish, you can buy the videos of the talks later on to watch at home
More question? just ask.

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