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The seven types of happiness

Learning the Complete Art of Happiness – and What Makes You Truly Happy.

What does it take to be truly happy?

Is it the feeling of security and stability? Is it special, intense experiences and adventures? Is it material success, or does happiness lie in fulfilled relationships?

On the one hand, we might think that we live in an age of self-realization. In the West, material prosperity is more widespread than perhaps ever before in human history. And at the same time, burnout, stress, dissatisfaction and depression have become common diseases and are spreading.

So what is true happiness and what constitutes a deeply fulfilled life?

Happiness and contentment are indeed a complex issue, because as human beings we do not consist of only one basic need, or one level that needs to be fulfilled. In fact, there are seven basic aspects of our being, or basic human needs, that must be met in order to lead a truly happy, balanced and fulfilled life. And whenever we feel unhappy, or dissatisfied, it is because one of these seven types of happiness has been neglected.

This new seminar with Shai Tubali is an invitation to get to know the seven levels of happiness in depth, as the key to a truly fulfilled and happy life.

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