november, 2021

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20novAll Day21The School of the Soul's JourneyTraining for liberation through our deepest subconscious.

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November 2021 – June 2022

Discover your true purpose in life and learn to release and transform deep-seated, unconscious blockages and patterns, awaken hidden abilities and thus unfold the full potential of your soul.

Where do deep-seated fears, blockages and patterns that seem to be innate, come from?

Do you have the feeling that you find yourself in certain life situations again and again, repeating certain patterns and themes repetitively?

What are the hidden, subconscious abilities of our souls, that are just waiting to be rediscovered and activated?

There are certain deep-seated and stubborn issues and patterns that we cannot resolve with conventional inner work and emotional transformation. We lack the right tools to penetrate our mind and tap into the deepest roots, because their origin is much deeper and much more ancient than our conscious memory.

Similarly, within this deepest subconscious lie hidden skills and abilities, which are just waiting to be rediscovered and activated.

This is a training but also an absolutely important and powerful step in our individual evolution. According to Shai Tubali, the state of complete liberation involves a full awakening to one’s soul journey, and the ability to consciously identify our main learning, main theme and main expression. 

This Soul Transformation Coach training is an invitation to learn to harness the power of the subconscious mind for deepest transformation and liberation, and finally to become a conscious soul that confidently walks on this earth.



november 20 (Saturday) - 21 (Sunday)


Human Greatness Center Berlin

Altensteinstr. 48A

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