The Tantric Art of Being a God or a Goddess

What is your first feeling when you hear that you are divinity itself?

Shame? Confusion? A feeling of biting into a forbidden apple?

Maybe you believe it is egotistical and arrogant to think of yourself in such terms.

Usually, this is what your mind will tell you to feel because we tend to experience ourselves as highly constricted and limited beings that aspire to one day become divine or transcendent. Our minds, which were carefully conditioned over years of religious or cultural ideas, tend to think that it is very humble to think of ourselves as struggling, small humans that can hope to have a glimpse of heavenly grace.

This is not so in tantra. In tantra, which is a faster path, we begin at the end: We visualize ourselves as if we were a fully enlightened Buddha; as if we are already gods and goddesses. In this way, there is no waiting, and the future is now.

Instead of feeling that we admire spiritual beings external to our own being, while we are still swimming in the muddy waters of the earth, we learn to identify with these beings in a way that makes us realize they are our very own selves.

Philosopher and author Shai Tubali invites you in this seminar to the world of Deity yoga—a tantric Buddhist technique, one of the most important ones, which leads to the highest tantric practices.


Venue: Online. Broadcasted via Full-HD livestream.


Hours: 10:30-18:30


  • 200 Euro
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  • Participants of the current School: 170 Euro

Shai Tubali


Did you hear as a spiritual seeker that your being is of a god or a goddess but were unsure what it really means?

Through the Deity Yoga practice, you can experience your true radiance beyond form, gender, and personal history. This is the immediate key to freedom from the stifling experience of being an ego in this world and brings to an end our current set image.

Are you trying to accept yourself while experiencing yourself as a miserable limited being?

Deity Yoga is the greatest alternative solution for the problem of self-acceptance.

Instead of denying our own divinity, we experience ourselves as divine. And the more we do, the more it becomes natural and possible to love our own being and feel comfortable in it.


The tantric approach offers you:

  • Freedom from the suppression of our true beings.
    We shouldn’t fear that we might be suppressing our problems as we visualize ourselves ad deities. It is the opposite: We suppress our divine nature when we over-focus on our illusory limitations.
  • Direct spiritual experience and realization.
    When we visualize ourselves as deities, we don’t imagine; we are practicing our inherent nature, who we truly are.
  • And a path for true self-love

The seminar includes:

  • Four talks that are dedicated to a profound understanding of the principle of Deity Yoga and the final liberation from self-image and self-rejection.
  • Gradual processes of Deity Yoga, starting from the simplest to the more advanced practice.
  • Practice of tantric Buddhist techniques such as the empty body meditation, a breathing practice, and visualization of the subtle body.


Although this practice is taken from the world of tantric Buddhism, in this seminar we explore Deity Yoga as an independent practice outside of cultural context. Therefore, we meditate on a deity, a saint, or any higher being that is close to our hearts. In Deity Yoga, according to the tantric principles, whatever we meditate on strongly enough, we become.

For those who have known Shai through the inner fire and Mahamudra practices, this is a highly significant additional layer that makes the practice complete. Even adding Deity Yoga to the beginning of our daily mediation or before any challenge in our lives can be highly beneficial.


About the Teacher:


Shai Tubali

Spiritual Teacher, Author and Philosopher – Shai is a prolific and renowned author, with 23 books published to date. His bestselling books have been translated into five languages and have won awards in Israel and the United States. In his teaching Shai combines Yogic knowledge and Eastern practices with the latest in Western science, psychology, and philosophy to create innovative transformative processes. Indeed, almost 20 years of in-depth study of Eastern thought and Yogic tradition have brought this trained Yogi up to a master level in utilizing the tools of spirituality to offer structure, deep insights, and methods for personal growth in all areas of life. Based on his own direct and ongoing revelation of cosmic consciousness since the age of 23, he is a pioneering figure in the field of self-transformation who has helped thousands of people to transform their lives in his many years of teaching around the world.

As the developer of the methods taught in The School for Emotional Transformation, he will design and guide us through the structure of the school and its content. Shai will be leading and teaching profound theoretical understanding and principles of emotional transformation.



This learning programme is accessible online via our interactive live broadcast. Through our online campus you will also have access to the recordings whenever it suits you best.

You will receive free and full access to all learning materials, talks and practices of the seminar for another 12 months after the program is over.

You can watch lessons at you own pace and revisit them whenever you need, and if you missed one, watch them in your free time from the comfort of your home.

Venue: Online

Date: 03.-04.07.21

Hours: 10:30-18:30


  • 220 Euro
  • Early Bird Price until 30.06.21: 190 Euro
  • Participants of the current School: 180 Euro

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