The Expansion Method:

Transforming your consciousness

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How the Expansion Method Healed & Erased my Childhood Trauma

Too often, transcendent states of consciousness appear difficult to achieve, and many struggle in their meditation in the hope to gain glimpses of such states. But this is only because they work hard in a direction that is unnatural for their mind. They try to “go beyond” and “leave behind,” whereas the right direction is the tantric way of expansion, that of allowing stuck energies to grow and expand until they naturally blossom into light and consciousness. This is far easier, since, as tantra tells us, everything in the physical universe, no matter how condensed or limited it may presently be, has the nature of limitless spirit. Remember the etymological meaning of tantra: tool for expansion!

Everything in this universe is expandable. Based on this conviction, this central method of Radical Tantra, which has existed since 2010, works cognitively with any imaginable pattern, from positive and negative emotions and difficult memories to physical pains, dilemmas, and chakras. When you know expansion, you no longer need to suppress any energy, since all of the contents of your psyche and mind become relevant materials for this transformative process. As soon as you enter these broad states of consciousness, you feel so light, blissful, and problem-free that you are fully capable of unraveling any confusions or stuckness.

The Expansion Method can be used for self-work and for seminars and retreats, but it is known especially as a powerful tool for coaching and therapy.

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