Power Psychology:

Transforming your will

Spiritual traditions tend to reject the energy of will and encourage their disciples to renounce it and to remain will-free. This general inclination is opposed by the tantric approach, according to which desire is a positive and highly potent energy that can be redirected and deployed for quick and explosive transformations. This is what Power Psychology, a tantric system existing since 2013, does: it guides us toward a psychological and spiritual alchemy of the energy of will.

Presently, our energy of will may be unhealthy, conflicted, and scattered, but this is only because it flows through us in a misguided, unconscious way. In Power Psychology, we learn that the very life force that is pulsating within us is will; therefore, rejecting the energy of will means rejecting life itself. Thus, we should be guided to work with will in a way that releases us from suffering and frustration, establishes in us a state of true inner power, and endows us with the ability to act fearlessly in life.

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