The Seven Chakra Personality Types:

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Some spiritual paths regard the personality as an unimportant component of our spiritual being, or even as a mere egoic expression that should be purified and discarded. In Radical Tantra, however, no component of yourself should be left behind, but only included in a greater whole. Whereas the separate notion of the self, being an illusion, is indeed meant to be dissolved through spiritual inquiry and practice, the personality is destined to blossom (and it can actually blossom even more when it is untethered to ego-consciousness). The personality is like a ray of light that emerges from the cosmic white light. This white light has been broken into seven colors, giving rise to seven human manifestations. Each of these manifestations is intended to demonstrate in an intensified way one aspect of the divine reality, and so each plays an important role in the world as part of a greater design. We are only meant to become conscious of this role so that it can shine more brightly.

The Seven Chakra Personality Types are based on the principle that the seven chakras, as reflections of the seven rays of life, reflect seven types of personality as well. Finding yourself in one of these types means returning home to your true self and settling in it. And being yourself fully can become your gateway to the revelation of the greater cosmic design. The system also celebrates the colorful carnival of human society and teaches us tolerance, respect, and love.

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