The Seven-Day Chakra Path:

Transforming your way of life

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7 Day Chakras

by Shai Tubali

This is more than just another method. This is an actual way of life, in which all the various forms of learning and practice become different aspects of one complete path of transformation. It is a vision of a fully realized tantric life that fulfils the dormant potentials of every possible dimension of our human experience, from the most earthly to the most spiritual. Since everything in existence is inherently spiritual, any element of human life is worth living to the fullest: therefore, embracing life as a whole is true spirituality.

This system is based on the idea of aligning the rhythm and structure of the seven days of our week with the ancient system of the seven chakras. Since the chakras perfectly mirror the seven dimensions of life and the seven layers of our human experience, they teach us the art of holistic and all-inclusive life. Thus, dedicating one full day each week to one chakra is not only the ultimate chakra practice, but a gateway to the exploration of certain aspects of our life that may have been overlooked and neglected.

This is a sacred path that liberates us from the secular, scattered, and chaotic modern lifestyle, takes us beyond the pointless linear time of our present life, and enables us to attune ourselves to the wise rhythm of our energy body. In this way, we climb the ladder of human potential every week, from the earthly to the most sublime, and life becomes beautifully cyclical—a steady journey of spiritual evolution.

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