The Seven Heart Powers:

Transforming your heart

The heart chakra has always been considered by traditional streams of tantra to be the realm of final liberation and the resting place—the inner cave through which the yogi passes to attain the clear light beyond birth and death. In Radical Tantra, the heart’s significance goes even further, beyond its traditional role, since the heart is recognized as the space in which the marriage of matter and spirit, human and divine, and the limited and the unlimited can take place. Ordinarily, these extremes never really meet, especially when one soars high into the vast expanses of the spirit, leaving the world and the human experience behind. However, in the heart these extremes are intuitively understood as two faces of one being. This is where the “enlightenment of the human heart” enters the picture, as the ultimate realization of Radical Tantra: the discovery that the human experience is, in itself, a tantric union, the fusion of emptiness and life, consciousness and body, immortality and mortality, and therefore that we have taken form not due to a divine error, but in order to fully embody this extraordinary blend. In this meeting point within our heart, the meaning of life, which is directly linked to the first cause that brought something out of nothing, can finally be known and practiced. This is an enlightenment of a new kind that has yet to occur on earth.

The system of the Seven Secret Powers of the Heart is a set of teachings and practices designed to reveal the heart as the true source of power and energy for a fully accomplished human life. For the most part, the heart is perceived as our most delicate and fragile part, and one which needs to be guarded and protected at all costs. This method strives to correct this misconception by establishing the heart, rather than our confused intellect, as the natural and deserving leader of our being. Not only does the heart not need protection, but keeping it unreservedly and vulnerably open reveals that it cannot be damaged at all. This system teaches us how the awakened heart acts as the leader of our being as soon as it is permitted to remain wide open. We learn that when we trust the heart’s innate powers, its immense dormant capacities come to life, enabling the resolution of self-rejection, the maturation of our relationships and our genuine ability to love, the release of past burdens, a new motivation for our action in the world, and so much more.

Study the method – book a seminar
Study the method – book a seminar

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