The Six Yogas of Naropa:
Transforming your subtle body

This set of highly advanced tantric techniques has existed, in its integrative form, for a thousand years. The practices originate from various tantric traditions in India, but it was the great yogi Tilopa who, after being initiated into them, transmitted them to his student Naropa, who then gathered them into this well-known system. Nowadays the Six Yogas are considered to be one of the central paths of enlightenment in Tantric Buddhism and, more specifically, in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.

In Radical Tantra, this set of techniques has been adopted as the main path toward the ultimate spiritual transformation. We employ important visualizations, such as Inner Fire meditation, Deity Yoga, Clear Light meditation, and Karmamudra, to activate the full potential of the kundalini, chakras, and subtle body. The techniques evoke great bliss, as they trigger the pleasure centers of our body, our sexual energy, and the masculine and feminine in us.

The Six Yogas bring about a radical transmutation of our subtle body, and this naturally and effortlessly leads to the dissolution of the personal self and to the revelation of emptiness. Through the practices, we unify bliss and emptiness into the final realization of Tilopa’s mahamudra.

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