“In tantra, there are no lower or higher energies. It tells us that there is enlightenment in every hidden corner of the human experience, and that light is also concealed in fear, anger, desire, attachment, and conflict.”

~ Shai Tubali


The Expansion Method:
Transforming your consciousness

Too often, transcendent states of consciousness appear difficult to achieve, and many struggle in their meditation in the hope to gain glimpses of such states. But this is only because they work hard in a direction that is unnatural for their mind. They try to “go beyond” and “leave behind,” whereas the right direction is the tantric way of expansion, that of allowing stuck energies to grow and expand until they naturally blossom into light and consciousness. This is far easier, since, as tantra tells us, everything in the physical universe, no matter how condensed or limited it may presently be, has the nature of limitless spirit. Remember the etymological meaning of tantra: tool for expansion!

Everything in this universe is expandable. Based on this conviction, this central method of Radical Tantra, which has existed since 2010, works cognitively with any imaginable pattern, from positive and negative emotions and difficult memories to physical pains, dilemmas, and chakras. When you know expansion, you no longer need to suppress any energy, since all of the contents of your psyche and mind become relevant materials for this transformative process. As soon as you enter these broad states of consciousness, you feel so light, blissful, and problem-free that you are fully capable of unraveling any confusions or stuckness.

The Expansion Method can be used for self-work and for seminars and retreats, but it is known especially as a powerful tool for coaching and therapy.

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Power Psychology:
Transforming your will

Spiritual traditions tend to reject the energy of will and encourage their disciples to renounce it and to remain will-free. This general inclination is opposed by the tantric approach, according to which desire is a positive and highly potent energy that can be redirected and deployed for quick and explosive transformations. This is what Power Psychology, a tantric system existing since 2013, does: it guides us toward a psychological and spiritual alchemy of the energy of will.

Presently, our energy of will may be unhealthy, conflicted, and scattered, but this is only because it flows through us in a misguided, unconscious way. In Power Psychology, we learn that the very life force that is pulsating within us is will; therefore, rejecting the energy of will means rejecting life itself. Thus, we should be guided to work with will in a way that releases us from suffering and frustration, establishes in us a state of true inner power, and endows us with the ability to act fearlessly in life.

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Chakra Psychology:
Transforming your energy centers

Tantric traditions have always worked with chakras, since chakras are the energy centers that exist in the perfect meeting point between matter and spirit, body and consciousness. As such, they constitute a major part of the secrets of the body, and the way its hidden spiritual forces can be harnessed to achieve the inner wholeness of the state of mystical enlightenment. Traditionally, chakras have been perceived mainly as energy nexuses whose dormant potential can be aroused through specific visualizations and mantras for the sake of the total spiritualization of the disciple’s being. However, it is also known in the tantric traditions that chakras contain emotional layers, including deep-seated impressions and imprints that condition and limit our being, as well as the chakras’ ability to function optimally in their role of conducting vital energy to the different dimensions of body, mind, and spirit.

In Radical Tantra, we approach the chakras in their traditional context, but also make use of them as a comprehensive map that reflects the complexity of the human psyche, with all of its seven different layers (for this purpose, we employ the more common system of the seven chakras). In each layer we identify certain life challenges, polar emotions, and lessons of emotional maturity that need to be exhausted if we want to enable the chakra to achieve its higher levels of balance and awakening. In Chakra Psychology we learn, supported by theoretical knowledge, to become “chakra whisperers,” in the sense that we are able to reflect for ourselves the challenges that are concealed within blocked chakras and to find the ideal responses to these challenges. All this is found deep within our body, in a way that exists prior to any self-image or mental projection. This is the direct truth: thus, we can say that chakras are our true subconscious.

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The Seven Chakra Personality Types:
Transforming your personality

Some spiritual paths regard the personality as an unimportant component of our spiritual being, or even as a mere egoic expression that should be purified and discarded. In Radical Tantra, however, no component of yourself should be left behind, but only included in a greater whole. Whereas the separate notion of the self, being an illusion, is indeed meant to be dissolved through spiritual inquiry and practice, the personality is destined to blossom (and it can actually blossom even more when it is untethered to ego-consciousness). The personality is like a ray of light that emerges from the cosmic white light. This white light has been broken into seven colors, giving rise to seven human manifestations. Each of these manifestations is intended to demonstrate in an intensified way one aspect of the divine reality, and so each plays an important role in the world as part of a greater design. We are only meant to become conscious of this role so that it can shine more brightly.

The Seven Chakra Personality Types are based on the principle that the seven chakras, as reflections of the seven rays of life, reflect seven types of personality as well. Finding yourself in one of these types means returning home to your true self and settling in it. And being yourself fully can become your gateway to the revelation of the greater cosmic design. The system also celebrates the colorful carnival of human society and teaches us tolerance, respect, and love.

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The Seven-Day Chakra Path:
Transforming your way of life

This is more than just another method. This is an actual way of life, in which all the various forms of learning and practice become different aspects of one complete path of transformation. It is a vision of a fully realized tantric life that fulfils the dormant potentials of every possible dimension of our human experience, from the most earthly to the most spiritual. Since everything in existence is inherently spiritual, any element of human life is worth living to the fullest: therefore, embracing life as a whole is true spirituality.

This system is based on the idea of aligning the rhythm and structure of the seven days of our week with the ancient system of the seven chakras. Since the chakras perfectly mirror the seven dimensions of life and the seven layers of our human experience, they teach us the art of holistic and all-inclusive life. Thus, dedicating one full day each week to one chakra is not only the ultimate chakra practice, but a gateway to the exploration of certain aspects of our life that may have been overlooked and neglected.

This is a sacred path that liberates us from the secular, scattered, and chaotic modern lifestyle, takes us beyond the pointless linear time of our present life, and enables us to attune ourselves to the wise rhythm of our energy body. In this way, we climb the ladder of human potential every week, from the earthly to the most sublime, and life becomes beautifully cyclical—a steady journey of spiritual evolution.

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Circle of Transformation:
Transforming your brain

What might the tantra of the brain be? Inspired by Jiddu Krishnamurti’s unique form of philosophical inquiry, this ecstatic process demonstrates the way in which the brain can actually transform through the power of a question. Ordinarily, the brain asks questions in an attempt to receive an answer that can satisfy it mentally and conceptually. But here we ask life’s big questions, not to seek relief in an answer but to be led by the question itself into the mystery of existence, from which it emerged in the first place.

The big questions of life cannot be truly answered. However, when asked sincerely, with our entire being, they can purify the conditioned content of our brain, empty the mind, and allow it to come into contact with realities beyond its grasp. To achieve this, we gather in a circle and hold a question together, vehemently negating all the possible answers that arise automatically from our brain, and gradually open ourselves to the mystery that lies at the heart of the question itself. We begin as questioners and end as finders, but the answer we find is an existential state—a revelation of reality beyond concept and word. In this state, the brain’s memory cells are destroyed and replenished, the subtle body becomes purified and awakened, the brain is submerged in life’s undivided consciousness, and we discover an unusual type of intimacy in which everyone’s minds are melted into a greater mind that perceives, knows, and experiences as one.


The Seven Heart Powers:
Transforming your heart

The heart chakra has always been considered by traditional streams of tantra to be the realm of final liberation and the resting place—the inner cave through which the yogi passes to attain the clear light beyond birth and death. In Radical Tantra, the heart’s significance goes even further, beyond its traditional role, since the heart is recognized as the space in which the marriage of matter and spirit, human and divine, and the limited and the unlimited can take place. Ordinarily, these extremes never really meet, especially when one soars high into the vast expanses of the spirit, leaving the world and the human experience behind. However, in the heart these extremes are intuitively understood as two faces of one being. This is where the “enlightenment of the human heart” enters the picture, as the ultimate realization of Radical Tantra: the discovery that the human experience is, in itself, a tantric union, the fusion of emptiness and life, consciousness and body, immortality and mortality, and therefore that we have taken form not due to a divine error, but in order to fully embody this extraordinary blend. In this meeting point within our heart, the meaning of life, which is directly linked to the first cause that brought something out of nothing, can finally be known and practiced. This is an enlightenment of a new kind that has yet to occur on earth.

The system of the Seven Secret Powers of the Heart is a set of teachings and practices designed to reveal the heart as the true source of power and energy for a fully accomplished human life. For the most part, the heart is perceived as our most delicate and fragile part, and one which needs to be guarded and protected at all costs. This method strives to correct this misconception by establishing the heart, rather than our confused intellect, as the natural and deserving leader of our being. Not only does the heart not need protection, but keeping it unreservedly and vulnerably open reveals that it cannot be damaged at all. This system teaches us how the awakened heart acts as the leader of our being as soon as it is permitted to remain wide open. We learn that when we trust the heart’s innate powers, its immense dormant capacities come to life, enabling the resolution of self-rejection, the maturation of our relationships and our genuine ability to love, the release of past burdens, a new motivation for our action in the world, and so much more.

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