Why we need therapy

Why we need therapy For the past fifteen years I have focused a great deal of my efforts on developing methods of what may be termed spiritual therapy. Spiritual therapy is an interesting field: it applies principles from the world of mystical enlightenment to processes of psychological release. Notable examples of this type of therapy […]

Do we need to “kill” the ego?

Do we need to “kill” the ego? When it comes to spiritual transformation, there are two main ways to consider the ego – which may also be called the “I”, self-consciousness, or our separate sense of self. The first is the more conventional or traditional way: perceiving it as non-reality, as an illusion. This approach […]

What is Mahamudra?

What is Mahamudra? There is no “teaching” of Mahamudra, Yet an example is space: upon what does it rely? Our mind Mahamudra, likewise, has no support. Not remedying anything, relax and settle in the unborn primordial state. These are the opening words of the Ganges Mahamudra: the transmission of the great Mahasiddha Tilopa to his […]

What is Transformation?

What is Transformation? The term “transformation” is on everyone’s lips in our contemporary spiritual world. But the problem with terms that everyone uses so abundantly and offhandedly is that we no longer pause and ponder what they really mean. What does it mean to transform, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or energetically? Commonly, we would say that […]

Tantric Satsang

Shai Tubali describes the courageous approach of the essential tantra.