Why I admire Tantra

Shai Tubali describes the courageous approach of the essential tantra  


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  1. i think tantra can be a powerful shortcut to realization… but ` riding the tiger“ is considered in the old traditions as a potentially, dangerous process, …Especially without “proper“ preparation phase, and protection of a living master near by, that guide you…and structure your journey… and maybe even protection of a linage.
    in today’s instant spirituality culture, where all knowledge is “open“…

    is it a good responsible idea?

    1. Dear Gal,

      Thank you for your sincere thoughts.

      This is a meaningful question, of course. The practices are all out there, in the open, detailed and handed to us by great lamas and published by large publishing houses. So it is clear that the tradition itself has determined to make that which was a secret openly known. I don’t think that any of these practices are inherently dangerous, and when I teach or write about them, I hope that I manage to place them in a broad context of wisdom and right intention (that is, not self-improvement but genuine transcendence and absorption in the reality of no-self).

      It is true, however, that the best way to learn how to practice them is not from a book but in the right environment of a teacher and a serious process. Those who are drawn to engage in traditional frameworks will naturally take this type of path, but I believe that nowadays there is also room for more essential spiritual journeys that work seriously with ancient knowledge without necessarily taking part in a lineage.


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